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tirelessly over the past 10 years with its chapters and affiliate organizations to publish and distribute When You Become 18 to tens of thousands of young people around the state. The organization's board voted unanimously this past winter to turn the publication over to the State Bar to be incorporated in the public education trilogy.

Another vital partner in the State Bar's effort is the California Parent-Teacher Association, which last year helped distribute 250,000 copies of Kids and the Law through the public school system. The PTA will be performing the same role this year by accepting orders from schools throughout the state.

Pauline Gee, president of the Foundation of the State Bar, praised last year's Kids and the Law effort and said the foundation is proud to be the sponsor of the consumer education trilogy. "When You Become 18 has been a great publication for young people through the 1990s. Now, through the Bar Journal and the State Bar, so many more teens will be aware of the publication and will benefit from this invaluable resource guide."

Both Gee and Villa said they are especially anticipating another facet of the bar's public education program later this year: publication of Kids and the Law in Spanish. That project is expected to move forward after a new school year starts this fall.

n To order When You Become 18, please see the information on page 1. No copies of Kids and the Law remain; however, it can be accessed on the State Bar's web site, When You Become 18 and the Spanish translation of Kids and the Law will appear on the web site later this summer.