California implements landmark rule of court to accommodate disabilities

On Jan. 1, the Judicial Council implemented a new California rule of court enabling lawyers, clients and other court users with disabilities to request accommodations. Rule 989.3 is the first of its kind in the nation.

Under the new rule, any person with a disability who has business with a court may request accommodations directly to a judicial officer in confidence.

Limited liability partnership forms available from bar

State Bar registration forms are now available for California attorneys interested in forming limited liability partnerships -- entities that are liable like corporations and taxed like partnerships.

The bar recently developed rules, regulations and the initial fee schedule, as well as a process for certifying the new partnerships.

Registration forms are available by calling 415/241-2100.

Law Office Management Assistance program is up and running

Solo and small firm practitioners who need help mastering the complexities of running a law office can have their questions answered by calling 1-800/YES-LOMA, the State Bar's Law Office Management Assistance program.

During business hours, they can have a telephone consultation on the LOMA hotline. At any time, they can call the fax-on-demand service to receive bibliographies of resources for a wide range of topics. Or they can sign up for a confidential, on-site law office audit at a discount rate.

Membership dues are due

Feb. 1 is the deadline for payment of State Bar membership fees. Late payments will result in a 50 percent penalty.

Questions about dues payments may be directed to Membership Services Operations at 415/561-8360.

The latest in MCLE compliance dates

Now that all MCLE compliance groups have just about completed their first compliance periods, all compliance periods will be 36 months in length. Thirty-six hours of continuing education must be completed during each three-year period.

Attorneys should be aware of the following information:

The current compliance period for Group 2 (last names H-M) began Feb. 1, 1994, and ends Jan. 31, 1997.

The current compliance period for Group 1 (last names A-G) will begin Feb. 1, 1995, and end Jan. 31, 1998.

If you are admitted to the bar during a compliance period, you complete a number of CLE hours equal to the number of months remaining in the compliance period, including the month you were sworn in.

State Bar committee applications available

Applications for appointment to State Bar committees in 1996-97 are now available. Attorneys interested in volunteering to serve on a bar committee may request an application from the Appointments Office, State Bar of California, 555 Franklin St., San Francisco 94102; 415/561-8855 or 213/765-1585. Complete information about the appointments was published in the January California Bar Journal.

Bar board to meet in San Jose

The State Bar Board of Governors will hold its next meeting March 1-2 in San Jose. Committees will meet March 1 and the full board will meet at 9 a.m. March 2. An agenda is available from the bar's secretary at 415/561-8200.

Admissions information offered on bar voice mail

Law students may call the State Bar's Office of Admissions to hear information on exam dates and exam result release dates, the moral character process and exam study materials

Callers may also order various exam applications and materials through the automated system.

The numbers are 213/765-1550 and 415/561-8300.

MCLE listings available by fax

A complete listing of State Bar-sponsored MCLE courses is now as near as your fax machine. By calling 415/561-8883 and following the instructions on the recording, you may receive a list which is updated the first of each month.