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Piper Cherokee crashes near Lake Havasu
Award: $8,896,657

Plaintiffs claimed that an airplane crash was caused by improper maintenance which caused a blown oil cooler hose with a sudden loss of oil. Defendant contended decedent pilot caused the problem (Estate of Gillman v. Suhay Aircraft Company, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Warehouse worker claims abusive environment
Award: $780,000

A female employee claimed that defendant employer failed to prevent and remedy an abusive environment of racial and sexual harassment. The employer contended it enforced its anti-harassment policies (Miles v. Stater Brothers Markets, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

8,000-year-old skeletons delay construction
Award: Defense

Plaintiff purchaser claimed defendant sellers concealed that the real property had archaeological significance. Plaintiff had to remove and rebury several Native American skeletons before proceeding with construction (Eberlin v. Polonitza, San Diego County Superior Court).

Brakes fail after 10 service trips to dealer
Award: $839,053

A tow truck driver claimed he was injured when his brakes failed due to defendant auto dealership's negligence. Defendant had serviced the vehicle for brake problems 10 times in the 12 months before the accident (Counts v. Crenshaw Motors Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Attorneys argue after trial
Award: Defense

A defense attorney claimed defendant prosecuting attorney made defamatory statements about him to jurors outside the courtroom after a criminal trial. Four jurors denied that she made the statements (Bain v. Hagan, San Diego County Superior Court).

Malibu property owner claims insurers' bad faith
Award: $1,447,915

The owners of beachfront property claimed that the failure of title insurance companies to provide a defense with respect to a disputed driveway easement claim was in bad faith and caused them emotional distress (Bowen v. Linder, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Corporation sues over defective imports
Award: Defense

Kommendor Ltd. claimed it had contracted with defendant importer/exporter's agent for the purchase of 6,000 men's suits, which were defective. Defendant contended no agency and no knowledge of the contract (Kommendor Ltd. v. Golovko, San Francisco County Superior Court).