New references, tech and searches
Bluebook now available
in software version

Technology Training Associates has released a software version of the well-known legal reference, The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, which is published by the Harvard Law Review Association in collaboration with The Columbia Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review and The Yale Law Journal. Titled The Electronic Bluebook, the product is available both in WordPerfect for DOS add-in and Windows-based versions.

Taking advantage of computer technology, users can navigate easily, locate information and jump among hyperlinked cross-references as well as browse, search text, paste samples into documents, place bookmarks, and attach notes.

The Harvard Law Review Association has granted The Electronic Bluebook its Certificate of Assurance of Consistency. It exactly represents the Bluebook in structure and content.

The Electronic Bluebook is priced at $69.95 and is available directly from Technology Training Associates by calling Ann Davis at 617/698-6446. The company offers network pricing and volume and student discounts.

Asset Forfeiture Network publishes 3-volume set

The Asset Forfeiture Network (AFN) has published the AFN Library, a three-volume set of more than 30 appellate-quality briefs on asset forfeiture and double jeopardy issues.

AFN founder Mark Feldman, who for four years prosecuted asset forfeiture cases as an assistant U.S. attorney, developed the AFN Library to assist attorneys litigate important issues that are often overlooked due to time and budget constraints. In addition to the AFN Library, AFN prepares case-specific briefs and case-strategy outlines in cases with forfeiture and double jeopardy implications.

For further information contact AFN by e-mail:; or by telephone 1-800/874-7542.

USSC decisions on

InfoSynthesis Inc. has released Version 1996-1 of its USSC+CD-ROM, containing full-text opinions of the United States Supreme Court. The disc, which contains 4,553 opinions of the court including complete coverage from early 1967 to January 1996 and selected earlier leading cases dating back to 1948, employs Folio Views search and retrieval software for DOS, Windows and Macintosh platforms. It sells for $295.00.

The company also has a site on the World Wide Web at: In addition to information concerning the USSC+ CD-ROM, the site posts decisions from the court's current term within days after they are handed down. The site also permits free downloading of such decisions in ASCII, WordPerfect or Microsoft Word formats.

Another feature of the site is a weekly "classic" Supreme Court decision from earlier years. For more information call Clay Smalley at InfoSynthesis at 1-800/784-7036.

TrialMaker Software releases support database

TrialMaker Software has released TrialMaker 4.0, an upgrade to its litigation support database. The new version incorporates scanned images of documents directly into the case files. The upgrade also features a Client Intake Form which allows attorneys to use TrialMaker to create mailing labels, keep track of important names and addresses and prepare a list of active cases.

In addition, the software's new input forms have been designed to keep track of physical evidence and specific report formats for the physical evidence.

TrialMaker Litigation Support Database is available directly from the company in both Windows and Macintosh versions and priced from $295 to $335.

For further information, call Betsy Legasey at 617/334-3367.

Protect your trademarks
in cyberspace

Datalytics has created a comprehensive Internet monitoring service called MarkWatch which allows clients to monitor how their trademarks and brand names are being used on the Internet. The service gives trademark owners an early warning of developing situations that could damage their intellectual property.

Several companies have already experienced "trademark emergencies," including MTV, which acted quickly to stop an individual from running his own music-oriented web site called "," and Mattel, which went to court when someone started publishing sexually explicit fare about the company's Ken and Barbie dolls. Other companies include Kraft Foods, which is suffering from the use of the name "Velveeta" by computer engineers to describe certain etiquette violations on the Internet, and McDonald's, which had to make a charitable contribution in order to buy back the electronic address ""

MarkWatch monitors four areas of cyberspace: The World Wide Web; Usenet on-line discussion groups that focus on specific topics; databases of domain names, which serve as the electronic equivalent of a company's business address; and on-line news wires.

Datalytics operates MarkWatch from its computer center in Dayton, Ohio. The company is primarily financed by a partnership between publishing giant Dow Jones & Co. and insurance giant Aegon. Clients can choose to receive daily electronic reports, weekly printed reports, or periodic telephone calls warning them of dangerous uses of their trademarks. The annual monitoring fee is $895 and volume pricing is available. For more information call 1-800/890-5791.

LegalServ unveils new interface design

LegalServ, a leading directory of lawyers, law firms and providers to the legal industry, has re-designed its Internet interface. While the content of the service remains the same, the updated interface provides for easier browsing, reduced load time and broader availability to the many different Internet platforms used today.

The service consists of four primary features: LegalSearch, which allows users to look up attorneys and firms by name; LegalMart, which provides vendors and prospects access to information about products and services; LegalEmployment, an employment referral service; and LegalLinks, which provides nearly 200 links to legal-related sites on the Internet. These links are categorized by international law, federal law, government, state law, law schools and libraries and law journals.

Inquiries about this on-line service should be directed to Harry Barker-ding at 504/846-3500 or e-mail:

CD-ROM provides start-to-finish bankruptcy analysis

Clark Boardman Callaghan has developed a CD-ROM research tool called Norton/Bankruptcy Service Plus with LEXIS-NEXIS Online Connection. The CD-ROM provides quick, comprehensive expert analysis and advice for all aspects of bankruptcy code and rules, including more than 50,000 full-text cases, case digests, bankruptcy code and rules and more than 500 pleading and practice, and official forms.

The LEXIS-NEXIS Online Connection is offered with the CD-ROM at no additional charge and keeps users informed of bankruptcy case law developments, including any issue involving Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 insolvencies to Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 2d. In addition, the disc seamlessly links users directly to the LEXIS-NEXIS bankruptcy update library, also with no on-line charges, as well as research access to services through LEXIS-NEXIS.

For further information, call Clark Boardman Callaghan's Sales Adminis-tration Group at 1-800/854-3926.

Two new West titles
by Levenson and Dalton

Legal analyst Laurie Levenson, who provided commentary for CBS television and radio throughout the O.J. Simpson trial, has authored West's California Criminal Procedure. The book covers pre-trial, trial and post-trial procedures and is arranged chronologically by procedure, with tables, index and primary source materials. West will update the book annually.

Respected criminal attorney Douglas Dalton authored West's California Criminal Law which discusses elements of crime such as burglary, arson and murder, the sufficiency of evidence, and defenses to each crime. In addition to Dalton, 19 other California criminal attorneys contributed to the book. West will also update California Criminal Law once a year.

For further information on either book call 1-800/328-9352. For more information on West Publishing, visit the company's site at:

Technology and visual presentations

DecisionQuest has developed a CD-ROM database called DQ2 Exhibit Bank which contains a catalogue of compelling graphics concepts and exhibits to accommodate attorneys caught between the budgets of their clients and the expectations of their jury.

Effective exhibits can be created and delivered in a short period of time. By accessing a specific case type and selecting the exhibits appropriate to fit the specific graphic strategy of one's case, the user can contact DQ2 to have the charts customized with a final product delivered within 24 hours.

For more information on this service contact Eric Steller at 1-800/826-5353.