From CD-ROMS to new Windows

New CD-ROM offers full estate planning system

The Estate Planning System, designed by Research Institute of America, is a new, flexible, pay-as-you-go, build-as-you-grow practice library which contains all the estate planning information that a practitioner could need.

For practitioners beginning an estate planning service, the system's Estate Planning Advisor provides a fully integrated service that covers every aspect of estate work. It features subject-organized analysis of federal, gift, estate and generation-skipping tax rules, federal trust and estate income tax law; annotations of the Internal Revenue Code and rulings; primary law documents; planning tips; and summaries of every state's inheritance, estate and gift tax laws.

The disk also contains a 12-month archive of RIA's Estate Planner's Alert newsletter plus issues of Warren, Gorham & Lamont's Estate Planning Journal, and a complete Estate Planning Primary Law library which contains full-text official source documents selected by the code section and revenue rulings and procedures, private letter rulings, general counsel memoranda, cases and complete Uniform Probate Code.

The Estate Planning System is formatted for Windows and has the following price structure: Estate Planning Advisor, $930; Estate Planning System Primary Law, $200; Warren, Gorham & Lamont treatises, $250.

For further information, call 1-800/431-9025, ext. 3.

Image viewing system upgrade released

IPRO Inc., a provider of litigation support document imaging systems and services, has released IPROTrieve 2000 Version 1.06 of its image viewing product. The new release features enhancements such as improved security for annotations, searchable sticky notes and a free-form mark-up capability. Users can review both TIFF and IPRO formatted images.

User tracking also has been added to the annotation capabilities. When an annotation is created or modified, the date and user name is saved to the database. Additions, deletions or modifications can only be made by a user with the appropriate security level. This new version also features on-line help screens to assist users in navigating the system.

IPROTrieve 2000 retails for $995 for a single user plus an annual $150 software support fee. The company offers volume discounts for multiple user and network installations. For more information, contact Julie Stuthridge at 602/249-7707, ext. 310.

HotDocs for Windows presents new version

Capsoft has released HotDocs 4.0, an updated version of its document automation software which features a new clause library. This added feature makes it possible to save and index customized language.

At any time while drafting a document, the user can select one or more clauses from a library of saved clauses and paste them into the document. Entire documents can be drafted using this clause library feature which, according to the company, is the most significant enhancement ever made to HotDocs.

The company also has simplified template creation and added increased capabilities for more complex documents.

For a limited time, HotDocs 4.0 includes a free General Practitioner's Resource library, which contains more than 1,000 templates. Templates can be used right off the CD, modified, or used as examples of specialized legal language.

The product is available through Egghead retail stores, Stream International, the Micro Warehouse catalog, or directly from Capsoft in a 16-bit or 32-bit version for $99. Current HotDocs users can purchase an upgrade for $49. For more information, call the company at 1-800/500-DOCS.

TABS III introduced
in Windows version

Software Technology Inc.'s popular legal-specific billing software, TABS III, has just been released in a Windows version. Previously, the software was available only in a DOS version. The Windows version has been made more intuitive, using a new graphical "task folder" interface, online help, spell checking and reporting features.

TABS III for Windows is a 32-bit system designed for Windows 95 and NT and also will run in Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. STI's pricing for both the DOS and new Windows versions of TABS III begins at $495.

In addition, STI will be releasing several junior levels of the software, starting at $295 to allow firms to economically obtain TABS III with the ability to upgrade as the firm grows. All junior levels, according to STI, will be shipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, contact an STI dealer or the company direct at 402/423-1440, or visit STI's Web site:

Child support guidelines

A new publication titled Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation and Application has just been released by Aspen Law & Business. The publication has been designed to be the definitive resource for interpreting and applying mandatory child support guidelines in all 50 states

To order a copy, call Aspen Law & Business at 1-800/638-8437 or fax 1-800/901-9075.

Labor law research
now on CD-ROM

The Bureau of National Affairs has released its Labor & Employment Law Library on CD-ROM. The four-disc set contains all the materials found in BNA's 19-binder Labor Relations Reporter, published since 1937.

The CD service enables quick access to a vast database of rulings, cases, awards, opinions and statistical data to make research more efficient. Thousands of hypertext links allow users to move instantly from cases to cited sources to referenced statutes. Together with monthly updated replacement CDs and weekly and biweekly newsletters, the CD library equips labor law attorneys with a powerful research tool.

For attorneys who concentrate in the areas of fair employment practices, individual employee rights and disabilities law, BNA also has released a two-CD service taken from the Labor & Employment Law Library on CD, which contains only this specific information.

To request free previews of either product, call BNA customer relations at 1-800/372-1033.

Gigatron will release CaseBook next month

Gigatron Software Corp. will release CaseBook, a 32-bit software package that transforms a litigator's laptop or desktop computer into an electronic filing cabinet. Designed for Windows 95 and NT, CaseBook integrates litigation support, imaging and document management.

During a deposition or court proceeding, reporters transcribe all spoken words using a computer-aided transcription (CAT) system. The CaseBook software easily connects to the CAT system, allowing litigators instant access to the transcript as it is being written. Electronic exhibits and documents also can be scanned or imported directly into CaseBook.

Once court transcripts and other legal documents are entered into the system, the user can view, search, annotate and summarize the information. The software allows documents to be reviewed and annotated electronically without altering the original. Also featured is "AutoCode," a function that lets the user identify and categorize key areas of the transcript with a single keystroke, and Gigatron's Note It! software for annotating.

CaseBook will be available in December. A single user can purchase the program direct from Gigatron for $995. For more information, call the company at 1-800/999-9199.

Online service helps businesses find lawyers

Counsel Connect, an online service for lawyers, has teamed with IBEX, an online business-to-business commerce service. IBEX helps companies find, negotiate and qualify prospective clients, services, partners, buyers and sellers. The alliance now allows IBEX subscribers, at no charge, to use Counsel Connect to locate qualified legal assistance using the service's Quick Request for Proposals (QRFP).

QRFP helps clients find the right lawyer by sending those clients' e-mail queries to panels of qualified legal experts. These queries set out the criteria a client considers important. The panel then submits its private replies. Currently, QRFP is available on the web ( at no charge to users.

Future plans for the arrangement between Counsel Connect and IBEX include making the service easily accessible via a link from within the IBEX service, and making Counsel Connect editors available to IBEX subscribers in receiving queries and distributing QRFP messages.

Counsel Connect ( is a division of American Lawyer Media, L.P. The service also offers online discussion groups and seminars in more than 200 areas of law, personalized daily reports, libraries of legal briefs and memos, Internet access and e-mail. IBEX services are explained on the company's web site: For more information, call 1-800/455-4354.

New TeamTalk group conferencing software for lawyers

Trax Softworks Inc., developers of TeamTalk group conferencing software, has released TeamTalk Law Firm Edition, an expanded software package that includes installation, training and support.

The software provides an easy way for teams or groups to electronically share, track and access information. It also features public and private topics for group work, brainstorming and online meetings. The company is offering a free organizational groupware assessment to interested firms that have a minimum of 20 networked PC users.

Designed for 20 to 250 users, TeamTalk Law Firm Edition includes all of the group collaboration features of the standard TeamTalk software plus Law Firm Topic Builder, an application that allows law firms to create a set of topics and groups. The software, which is available for Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and NT, Microsoft Exchange Server, and OS/2, will run on any network that supports file sharing.

For further information, call the company at 1-800/367-8729.

Document management/presentation system offered

Integrated Litigation Solutions Inc. has released ILS ADVANTAGE, a fully integrated document management and automated visual presentation system designed for use in-house by law firms and corporate legal departments. The software system can operate across a local or wide area network and also functions as a communications link between client and firm.

Based on the 64-bit Sun UltraSPARC 170 workstation from Sun Microsystems Computer Co., ILS ADVANTAGE drives two computer displays: one which the user works performing database queries or treating documents for presentation; and the other to display the results of these queries or treatments. In a courtroom setting, the system output can be displayed directly on large, broadcast projection systems.

ILS ADVANTAGE also features intuitive full-text, key word and "fuzzy" logic search capabilities making for quicker document location and segregation. Because coding and other labor-intensive organizational work is automated, substantive legal work can begin immediately after system entry.

In addition, the system automatically treats areas of high-impact graphics and stores treated images for future reference and presentation. System pricing is dependent on configuration. For further information, call Avi Stachenfeld or Joshua Reichek at 1-800/735-5151.