Engineer with MS harassed, forced out
Award: $1,401,000

A general engineer with multiple sclerosis was denied reasonable accommodations at work by her employer, CH2M Hill Inc. (Richards v. CH2M Hill Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Rottweiler causes injury
Award: $38,400

Defendant’s dogs attacked plaintiff’s dogs through her fence; one dog bit plaintiff, causing carpal tunnel syndrome (Cole v. Godinez, Ventura County Superior Court).

Paper trail to hide assets
Award: $1,950,000

A business owner claimed that a judgment creditor used fraudulent conveyances to hide his assets and avoid his obligations (Lien v. Lu, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Discrimination based on sexual orientation
Award: $370,000

The West Contra Costa School District discriminated against an employee after she disclosed her homosexuality to her supervisor (Overholtzer v. West Contra Costa Unified School District, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Bees allegedly create dangerous condition
Award: Defense

A crew foreman working on GTE telephone poles claimed his 20-foot fall and injuries resulted from bees nesting in the poles (Roche v. GTE California Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Vaccine kills young calves
Award: $4,044,948

Calf ranchers claimed a vet and his clinic should have known that the vaccine they used was not safe for calves under 3 months old (Shelby v. Grand Labs, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Driver suffers memory loss from rear-ender
Award: $458,000

A freeway rear-end collision caused angular acceleration to the driver who suffered post-concussive syndrome and partial memory loss (Cook v. Colbert, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Misdiagnosis of cancer
Award: $425,000

A 6-year-old claimed that her doctors’ misdiagnosis resulted in two months of unnecessary chemotherapy and emotional distress (Klein v. Alashari, Alameda County Superior Court).

Septic, not sewer, system
Award: $578,000

The purchasers of a residence and horse property were told it was on a sewer system when it was actually on a septic system (Taft v. Household Finance Corp. of California, San Diego County Superior Court).

Arco’s operations cause gasoline contamination
Award: $1,200,000

A lessor sought the value of the lost ground lease after lessee Arco’s operations resulted in soil/water contamination (The College Block v. Winco Ltd., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Music student hurt at rock concert
Award: Defense

A woman attending a Faith No More concert at the Palladium was struck in the head when someone dove from the stage (Fowler v. Palladium Investors, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Water seepage destroys plum orchard
Award: $1,220,927

Seepage from an Alta Irrigation District canal caused permanent destruction of Gerawan Farming’s plum orchard in Fresno county (Gerawan v. Alta Irrigation District, Fresno County Superior Court).

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