Legal packages, CD-ROMS released

New case management software by Millennium

Millennium Software, Ltd., has released Jr. Partner Plus, a new case management software that contains all the features of Millennium's Jr. Partner for Windows software plus features such as RoadMapping, messaging and windows that can be customized to furnish user-definable fields for text, numbers and dates.

The RoadMapping feature is an automatic, rule-based event scheduler that allows the user to customize and automate standard activities that occur each time a new case or event is entered into the system.

"RoadMaps" can be created to automatically merge and print letters, schedule future events and display reminders.

The software's messaging system consists of three components: messages or pop-up reminders that can be sent to yourself or associates; a phone log for entering and retrieving incoming phone messages; and paper notes, the electronic equivalent of a "post-it."

For more information on this or other Jr. Partner products, call Krista Battista at 302/479-7555.

HotDocs/Amicus Attorney legal package available

Capsoft Development Corp. and Gavel & Gowen Software Inc., in partnership, have developed a new document automation and productivity package for the legal industry. Capsoft's new document automation software, HotDocs 4.0, integrates with Amicus Attorney Pro, allowing users to use specific case information entered in Amicus Attorney to assemble documents in HotDocs.

HotDocs reduces the time users spend producing repetitive, routine documents by automating the customization process. Amicus Attorney combines the functions of case management, calendaring, time entry, contact and telephone management into one integrated and intuitive program. The compatibility between the two eliminates a significant amount of wasted effort and allows the user more time to practice law.

For further information, contact Paul Ressler at Capsoft, 801/763-3900.

Legal research database now on the Internet

Universal Networks Inc. and CD-ROM publisher AccessLaw have introduced a new Internet-based legal research database for California case and statutory law called JuriSearch. Located at, users can quickly access relevant case or statutory law by inputting a citation, case name, party name or keyword. JuriSearch also tracks client information to speed up the billing process.

Hypertext links are programmed directly into all the cases making it easy to move from a case to a citation or footnote and then back to the original case. It is also possible to download an entire case, or highlight a specific portion and cut-and-paste into a word processing program for editing.

In addition to its research functions, JuriSearch includes a daily opinion service of the U.S. Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and all California appellate court decisions. All opinions are categorized by practice area. Also included is an e-mail service with Document Interchange, Internet Gateway to the World Wide Web and a Legal Links page with connections to other legal research sites.

For more information, contact Dan Shapiro at 213/613-9000.

SciNet Series: CD-ROM servers for up to 250 users

SciNet Inc., a developer and manufacturer of independent CD-ROM servers, has introduced SciNet Series 700 CD-Servers, a new line of full-featured, plug-and-play CD-ROM servers. The new servers should appeal to corporate, professional, office and government users who are looking for a flexible and expandable system that enables them to share CDs over a Novell NetWare or Microsoft NT network.

SciNet Series 700 CD-Servers can support up to 250 users simultaneously and is preconfigured to install and be operational in under five minutes. It doesn't require a keyboard or monitor and can be managed from any network station.

The system includes a 486DX2-66 processor and 4 MB of RAM, expandable to 64 MB. Support is included for a high performance, 32-bit environment with interfaces available for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Token Ring topologies. As an independent server, the Series 700 eliminates the need to load NetWare Loadable Modules on the file server or software on client stations and actually improves network performance by off-loading CD-ROM traffic from the file server.

SciNet CD-Servers support the most popular desktop platforms including Windows, Windows 95, NT, OS/2 and DOS. The suggested retail price starts at $3,000. For further information on this product or other SciNet CD configurations, call Joe Mendolia at 408/328-0160.


As part of a line of interactive CD-ROM products that offer lawyers a convenient way to satisfy state-mandated MCLE requirements, the Rutter Group and West Publishing have released a new multimedia program called Civil Procedure Before Trial: Discovery.

As with previously released MCLE programs, this CD-ROM contains full-motion video, course materials from the live seminar, a full text of referenced cases and codes and TRG practice guide sections. The three-hour program covers the discovery stage of a civil lawsuit and is presented by local judges and civil litigators. Issues are explored through a series of illustrative hypotheticals.

Civil Procedure Before Trial: Discovery has been approved for three hours of MCLE credit by the State Bar. For more information, contact The Rutter Group at 1-800/328-9352.

Contract management software upgraded

The ADM Group's new The Contract Tickler 2.0 for Windows has been upgraded to include several enhancements, including additional data fields, added reports, copyright tracking and built-in re-namable fields that enable users to mold the system to their firm's or industry's needs.

The Contract Tickler can manage all aspects of the contract process in the areas of licensing, distribution, purchasing, consulting, maintenance, service, employment and government contracts. Increased tracking, reporting and customization capabilities in this new version make it an ideal program for Fortune 500 corporations and small to large law firms, businesses and government entities.

For more information about The Contract Tickler 2.0, call the ADM Group at 212/371-4900.

Custom billing statements

CSS Inc. has released Bills-Direct, a software designed for law firms searching for a way to create word processed-caliber bills and statements without spending an excessive amount of staff time producing them.

BillsDirect selects information required on bills by a firm and client and places it in a form that maps each client's needs. The bills produced are easy to understand, polished, and enhance professional image. For further information, call James Skubic at 206/455-3507.

Legal practice guide

James Publishing has added California Legal Assistant Handbook to its Legal Assistant Today Practice Series of publications. Written by a team of legal assistants, attorneys and law professors, the 600-page handbook provides concise explanations of substantive law and practical how-to advice covering a broad range of legal topics such as litigation, probate, corporate, bankruptcy, family, employment and legal research. In all, explanations of more than 500 legal tasks are offered in this handbook.

California Legal Assistant Handbook comes with a free Forms Disk which contains more than 200 forms, charts and checklists. The handbook is published in a loose-leaf format and is updated annually. It sells for $89.98 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, call 1-800/440-4780.

O.J. Simpson criminal trial transcript on CD-ROM

Data On CD Inc. has put the official trial transcript of The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson on CD-ROM with full-text search program Folioviews. The user can quickly search any word, term, person or event that appeared in the trial by simply typing in the word(s) or phrases.

The transcript has not been altered and appears exactly how it was documented by the official court reporters, including the line numbers, dates and notations.

For more information, call Donald Effren at 704/523-7224.