Wife claims doctor neglects HMO patients
Award: $932,000

A wife claimed that her husband died of a heart attack because his physician discriminated against HMO patients in scheduling appointments (Reyes v. Doe, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Investment adviser claims gender discrimination
Award: Defense

A woman claimed that her employer's decision to close its California operation was pretextual and based on her gender (McGehee v. BTS, Northern District Federal Court).

Contractor claims landlord knew of hole in driveway
Award: Defense

A landscape contractor claimed that her landlord knew about the hole in the driveway where she fell. There had been no complaints throughout 12 years and 17 tenants (Bloom v. Browning, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Bounty hunters hold family at gunpoint
Award: $1,150,000

A family of four claimed they suffered post-traumatic stress from being held at gunpoint in their motel room (Read v. Motel 6, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Boy sexually assaulted
Award: $1,216,000

A minor claimed that the school district negligently supervised the boy who assaulted him at school. The school had notice but failed to warn of the boy's dangerous propensities (Doe Minor v. Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Doctor fails to order tests
Award: $1,827,925

Decedent's children claimed that her doctor negligently failed to order tests to verify the existence of a pulmonary embolism (Hecker v. Monastersky, Orange County Superior Court).

Age discrimination claimed
Award: $1,893,717

A 60-year-old manager claimed age discrimination when he was terminated after 18 years on the job (Kovakka v. Litton, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Policeman trips and falls
Award: $13,084

A police officer tripped and fell on the premises of a San Diego motel while apprehending a suspected criminal (Burkett v. Nobel, San Diego County Superior Court).

Pedestrian struck by bus
Award: $1,665,900

A pedestrian was struck by a bus making a right-hand turn as the pedestrian entered a crosswalk against the light (Hilliard v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Mentally ill residents die in heat wave
Award: $1,200,000

The parents of two schizophrenics in a residential facility claimed that they died because medication was given when the room temperature was excessively high (Kotler v. Lodge, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Custom home has severe defects
Award: $607,230

A couple claimed that the quality custom home they had purchased with a builder's warranty had numerous defects (Park v. Tang, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Client claims legal malpractice
Award: $575,000

A client claimed that her lawyers negligently handled her underlying lawsuit against a hotel for negligent security (Cohen v. Large Law Firm, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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