Psychologist accuses father of molestation
Award: $1,900,000

This is the largest California jury verdict against a psychologist in favor of a father and daughter in a malpractice case involving false allegations of sexual molestation (Shea v. Humphrey, San Diego County Superior Court).

Newborn sustains brain damage
Award: $30,000,000

The minor plaintiff recovered for his doctors' negligence in not diagnosing hyponatremia (low sodium) for three days after his premature birth (Castillo v. Tefft, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Professor claims age, race discrimination
Award: $326,800

A Chicano Studies professor claimed that UC Santa Barbara denied his application for a tenured position due to his race, national origin and age (Acuna v. Regents of the University of California, Central District Federal Court).

Woman falls on walkway, dislocates her elbow
Award: $380,000

A 57-year-old woman claimed that the walkway's wet and slippery condition caused her to slip and fall, dislocating her elbow (Sharenow v. Brockman Trust, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Caltrans director claims reverse discrimination
Award: $2,150,000

A 33-year employee was dismissed after a cursory investigation regarding alleged sexually harassing statements he was said to have made (Demroff v. State of California, Department of Transpor-tation, Central District Federal Court).

Rear-end collision causes cervical injuries
Award: $846,500

A building inspector sustained permanent disability after a retiree rear-ended his car while he was stopped on the freeway for another accident (Ayers v. Poulos, Santa Cruz County Superior Court).

Novice skier injures knee
Award: $600,000

A camp counselor claimed that the camp providing the free ski trip should not have let her ski without requiring lessons first (Gargir v. Akiva, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Control of shopping center sought
Award: $2,650,000

A husband claimed his wife violated their marital settlement agreement in order to destroy him and take over control of the El Monte Shopping Center (Rancho San Marcos Partners v. Katersky, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Driver killed in intersection collision
Award: $1,810,445

The driver's wife and children claimed that the intersection was a dangerous condition because of a missing stop sign (Allen v. County of Kings, Kings County Superior Court).

Patient rendered quadriplegic
Award: $8,148,137

A disabled man claimed that defendant doctors failed to diagnose a ruptured disk problem which ultimately caused quadriplegia (Roberson v. Grossmont Hospital, San Diego County Superior Court).

Child killed in Toyota van crash
Award: Defense

A 10-year-old was killed in Mexico when his family's van struck a concrete abutment and a fire erupted (Lozano v. Toyota, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Mail carrier claims dog attack
Award: Defense

Plaintiff alleged that a dog belonging to defendant's tenant caused her to injure her knee and undergo surgery (Cruckson-Reti v. Rieman, Ventura County Superior Court).