Software aids in billing, cases and client profiles

E-Bill Reporting for electronic billing

CSS Inc. has released E-Bill Reporting, a software that allows legal professionals to electronically transmit client bills, reducing the amount of time waiting for payment.

E-Bill Reporting users can select the desired billing information from the CSS Legal Accounting System database and place that information into an electronic format. The billing information is then seamlessly transmitted to the client's accounting system.

For further information, contact James Skubic at 425/455-3507.

TrialWorks 3.0 for Office 97 is now available

Legal Vision Inc. has released TrialWorks 3.0, a case management software that integrates with most available Windows-based time and billing. Developed by members of the Miami-based firm of Colson, Hicks, Eidson, Colson & Matthews, and written in Microsoft Access for use with other Microsoft Office 97 applications (including Word, Access and PowerPoint), the software essentially puts the old standard Redweld file folders into graphic form, allowing users to click on tabs such as "correspondence," "pleadings," "client," "notices of hearing" and so forth.

The cost for a single user is $695 and $495 for each additional subsequent user in a network system. The company offers volume discounts and a 30-day free trial period with six months of free upgrades. For more information, call 1-800/377-5844.

Software to help form a limited liability company

Capsoft Developer Network has released its Limited Liability Company Formation for HotDocs (LLC) template sets. The software is designed to assist legal professionals in completing each task associated with the formation of a limited liability company.

The LLC template user simply opens the library in HotDocs and selects a template. HotDocs prompts the user for information specific to the particular client and automatically assembles a professional-looking document. Once the basic information is entered, it can be saved and used again.

Capsoft is now offering a single-state LLC template set free with the $69 purchase of HotDocs document automation software. Current HotDocs users can purchase a single-state template set for $59. A complete yearly subscription for all the templates is available for $299. For more information, contact the company at 1-800/500-DOCS.

Remote data entry software to aid billing

Firms not completely networked, or with satellite offices, may benefit from the new release of TABS III Remote Data Entry for Windows from Software Technology Inc.

Attorneys can make fee and chargeable expense entries and reports using TABS III Remote prior to transferring them to TABS III, a widely used legal-specific billing system.

This new 32-bit Windows version allows multiple fee windows with timers to be opened at the same time, making it easier to accumulate time for different clients during the course of a day.

For firms still using DOS, STI has designed this new version to interface both with DOS and Windows versions of TABS III. Remote Data Entry can be used on up to 10 computers for one price, starting at $175.

For more information, contact a local dealer or the company directly at 402/423-1440.

Software for law practice management

Computer Law Systems has released SCL Total Practice Solution, a Windows-based software which features a variety of business, administrative and professional modules for law practice management.

The business modules include CLS' flagship Time Accounting & Management System, CLS Accounts Payable System, CLS Financial Inventory Management System, CLS General Ledger System, CLS Trust Accounting System and CLS Budget System. The administrative applications include CLS Archive Management System, CLS Import System, CLS Export System, CLS File Management System, CLS Executive Inquiry System, CLS Time/Cost Entry and CLS Marketing Management System.

For more information, call 1-800/ 328-1913.

New release analyzes government contracts

Government Contracts, Under the Federal Acquisition Regulations, 2d, a newly released West Group publication, analyzes the state of government contracts law as it has evolved under the Federal Acquisition System and Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994.

According to West, this volume is the most comprehensive and current work to date available in this area of law. Government Contracts examines the letter of the law as well as public policy issues surrounding the effects of contracting with a public entity. It also highlights the differences between government procurements and private contracts, and the special training or experience required of attorneys in the field of government contracts.

Government Contracts, 2d was written by W. Noel Keyes, a nationally known government contracts expert. It retails for $114.

For more information, call 1-800/778-8090, ext. 74064.

Estate and elder law on new CD-ROM

Clark Boardman Callaghan has released Estate & Elder Law Advisor, a fully integrated Folio CD-ROM that contains expert analysis of both estate and elder law topics combined with comprehensive case law and useful practice aids.

Covering two practice areas that naturally overlap, the CD-ROM set provides guidance, points out planning problems, and offers specialized tools and strategies concerning all aspects of estate and elder law, including personal financial planning, income planning, health planning and discrimination against the elderly.

An analytical treatment of estate planning by Edward Koren is available as an option.

Adding to the research value of Estate & Elder Law Advisor are thousands of full-text opinions from the West Reporter System, including pagination and headnotes, full text of relevant United States Code Annotated sections with the entire Internal Revenue Service Code, the Code of Federal Regulations sections with all Treasury Regulations, state statutes affecting estate and elder law, state Medicaid regulations, Revenue Rulings, and Procedures and Private Letter Rulings.

Estate & Elder Law Advisor consists of two CD-ROMs, updated quarterly, for $1,495; with Koren Estate & Personal Financial Planning on CD-ROM, $2,045.

For further information, call West Group at 1-800/890-5558.

Federal Register on new FastSearch CD-ROM

The newest release of Fast-Search-CFR includes all 50 titles of the Code of Federal Regulations, including 40 CFR (EPA), 29 CFR (OSHA), and 49 CFR (HAZMAT).

The CD-ROM also includes the previous 12 months of the Federal Register.

The single disk replaces the need for 200-plus CFR books and a year's worth of Federal Register books. Operating under the Folio Views search engine, the user can locate any reference, passage, table or formula in seconds.

The 2nd Quarter 1997 disk works with both Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, and is network ready.

The single user network version allows a firm to put FastSearch-CFR on its LAN and make it accessible by anyone on the network (one person at a time).

Users keep their old FastSearch-CFR CD-ROMs for archive purposes.

The disk is priced at $299 per year. For further information, call 1-800/665-3945.

Windows version of General Ledger System

Software Technology Inc. has released a Windows version of its STI General Ledger System. The new software integrates with the TABS III legal-specific billing system and features a graphical "task folder" interface which makes the program more intuitive than the DOS version. Other new features include advanced online help, enhanced reporting capabilities and a detail window that appears during journal entry.

GLS for Windows is a 32-bit system designed for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It also will operate with Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. For firms in transition from DOS to Windows, users have the option to use the DOS or Windows interface. Both versions begin at $250.

For further information, contact a local STI dealer or call 1-800/487-7111, ext. 940, or visit the STI homepage: www.stilegal.com/wgls.html.