Client rights to free district forms

Search public records on the Internet

Atlanta-based Information America (IA) has launched an online public records information service called KnowX. The new service allows legal and investigative researchers to uncover background data, assets, adverse filings and other public information on businesses and individuals. Databases include state corporate and limited partnership records, UCCs, liens, judgments, bankruptcy records and lawsuits. IA plans to offer real property records and other databases soon.

KnowX customers pay only for the information they need and know the cost before purchasing it. There are no initial sign-up or connect-time fees, and users are provided with unlimited searching of databases and viewing of search-summary lists. Customers pay only for the full detail records reports they access from a specific database.

For further information, contact Jane Rafeedie at IA, 404/892-1800, ext. 507.

Protect your client's right to compensation

Clark Boardman Callaghan, a division of Thompson Legal Publishing, has released Mass Tort Litigation, a court-tested, step-by-step blueprint for mass tort litigation. Authored by Paul Rheingold, this one-volume publication contains all the information attorneys need to protect their individual client's right to compensation for damages they have suffered.

Detailed in Mass Tort Litigation is procedural law, strategy, processes, proposed legislation, citations to all of the federal rules, stories and forces behind most of the major mass tort cases over the past 25 years, analysis, multidistrict litigation, and several other forms of "case congregations."

Attorneys should find this to be a quick access reference to the problems and questions likely to arise during a mass tort proceeding. For more information, contact Madeline Delio at 212/929-7500, ext. 2319.

Two additions to West's Law Office Series

West Publishing has released two new publications, Busy Lawyer's Guide to Online Services, authored by attorney Steven Mandell, and The Complete Guide to Corel WordPerfect 6.x for DOS: Your Law Office Power Tool, by Maelyn Lenard and Gregory Johnson.

Busy Lawyer's Guide to Online Services helps attorneys learn how to navigate the Internet and access other online services. It is a comprehensive tutorial which provides a concise index to the most useful information on the Internet.

In addition, it provides an overview of the computer equipment required; the major service providers, such as America Online, CompuServe, The Microsoft Network and Prodigy; and the variety of information available to legal professionals on the World Wide Web. This single volume also covers online commercial legal databases, directories and list services.

The Complete Guide is a comprehensive reference tool geared toward WordPerfect users who want to enjoy the productivity of WordPerfect for Windows without incurring the expense of upgrading hardware and software.

This 600-page softbound publication focuses on features specific to the legal profession, such as the Table of Authorities and easy-to-use macros for legal document assembly. Step-by-step directions enable users to efficiently create forms adaptable to many practice areas. The guide also discusses how to integrate Corel WordPerfect 6.0, Shell, Presentations and GroupWise into the law office.

For more information on either publication, call West Publishing at 1-800/241-0214.

Software Studios offers Client Manager 3.1

Software Studios has released Client Manager 3.1, a new version of its software which combines a powerful address book with numerous document assembly functions. Two years after it was released as an add-on for WordPerfect, this new version runs under Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 and works within Corel WordPerfect 7, 6.0a and 6.1, and Microsoft Word 7 and 6.

Client Manager was developed for law firms, corporate offices and other document production-oriented professionals. New features include a toolbar, customizable viewer, form-filler feature, tabbed dialog boxes, access to Novell GroupWise, and a data file copy/back-up utility. The Import/Export Wizard contains step-by-step instructions to import or export data from or to another database program.

For more information, contact Howard Collett at Software Studios, 801/225-0545.

Accutrac Lite designed specially for small firms

Accutrac Software Inc. has developed a new records and conflict of interest solution software for small law firms called Accutrac Lite. The software is based on Accutrac for Windows (a high-end solution for legal automation) and affords small firms the features and benefits of records and conflicts management at a lower cost.

Accutrac Lite allows the user to create a complete database of all files in the office, with corresponding bar code labels to identify each file. A bar code reader can then be used to quickly check files in and out of the file room and track them throughout the office. Other functions include box tracking, a notes field, global searching, flexible reporting, portable uploading, entry validation and status control.

For further information, contact Kurt Theis at 1-800/578-9361 or visit the company's web

1997 edition of legal databases available

Reference and database publisher R.R. Bowker has released its 1997 edition of Law Books and Serials in Print, a Multimedia Sourcebook. The latest edition contains more than 61,000 titles, including 5,000 new entries, such as interpretations of recent Supreme Court rulings, guides to changing commercial codes, and works in emerging fields such as dispute resolution.

Law Books and Serials in Print, a comprehensive legal database and a standard bibliographic and reference tool in law libraries throughout the country, includes every type of legal literature, including books, serials, microfiche, online services, software, audio and videocassettes. Listings are accessible by title, author and 6,700 subject areas from abatement of taxes to zoning.

The 1997 version contains contact data for some 3,000 publishers, including new e-mail and World Wide Web addresses.

For more information, call the company at 1/800-521-8110.

Free forms with HotDocs

Capsoft has released Federal District Court Forms for HotDocs, a set of 50 of the most frequently used forms printed by the Federal Administrative Office. The forms can be filled using Capsoft's HotDocs 4.0 document assembly software. For a limited time, the company is offering the forms for free with the purchase ($99) of HotDocs.

The set of forms includes subpoenas, search warrants, motions, petitions, summons and civil cover sheets. HotDocs 4.0 includes a powerful "find" feature which enables Federal District Court Forms users to sift through a template library to quickly locate a particular template. A "view" button enables the user to preview the selected template without opening it.

The forms can be ordered direct from Capsoft for $49. HotDocs 3.0 users can upgrade to version 4.0 and receive the forms for $79. For more information, call Paul Ressler at 1-800/500-DOCS.