Elementary school student harassed
Award: $500,000

A sixth-grade girl claimed that she was threatened and harassed by another student; the school district refused to end the harassment (Doe v. Antioch Unified School District, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Defense contractor fraud claimed
Award: $1,734,000

Tooling manufacturers claimed that they were induced by fraud to undertake a project for Allied Signal Inc. which was turned over to someone else after plaintiffs completed research and development (Hall v. Allied Signal Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Slip and fall claimed inside supermarket
Award: Defense

A mill worker alleged that he slipped and fell in Raley's as a result of rainwater dripping from under shopping carts stored inside (DeBon v. Raley's Inc., Butte County Superior Court).

Sisters remember molestation by father
Award: $1,150,002

Two sisters alleged that they repressed memories of molestation by their father/ stepfather, which continued over many years (Wilson v. Phillips, Orange County Superior Court).

Yard truck driver sues under FELA
Award: $856,000

A truck driver ran into water-filled potholes on Southern Pacific's dirt storage lot, fell from her seat to the cab floor and sustained back injuries (Page v. Southern Pacific Transportation Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Canine punctures leg
Award: Defense

A 47-year-old man claimed that police officers used excessive force by deploying a police canine on him in his home (Head v. City of San Diego, San Diego County Superior Court).

Scuba diver suffers 'bends'
Award: $3,095,000

A dentist injured in a diving accident claimed that Cozumel's Galapago Inn Resort was negligent because it failed to ensure that he received prompt hyperbaric treatment (Gutterman v. Galapago Inn Resort, Eastern District Federal Court).

Auto accident causes brain injury
Award: $823,000

A warehouse foreman sustained an anoxic brain injury as a result of an accident caused by defendant driver turning left in front of him (Enrique v. Myers, Fresno County Superior Court).

Retaliatory termination at school district
Award: $505,000

The former annuity manager at Oakland Unified School District claimed her position was eliminated out of retaliation for her protests regarding gender discrimination (McCallion v. Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County Superior Court).

Insurance coverage disputed
Award: $437,096

This dispute arose from the purchase by Investor's Thrift of insurance from Old Republic to cover loan losses in its portfolio of home improvement and home equity loans (Investor's Thrift v. Old Republic Insurance Company, Orange County Superior Court).

Pressurized tank accident injures leg
Award: $368,110

A paving company owner suffered severe leg and knee injuries when he attempted to discharge a highly-pressurized halon tank (Miller v. Ansul Inc., San Diego County Superior Court).

Child shot in handgun accident
Award: $480,000

A 12-year-old boy claimed that defendant's negligent storage of his handgun in an unlocked drawer resulted in the accidental shooting (Gohl v. Morales, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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