Wineries dispute labels
Award: Defense

Kendall-Jackson Winery claimed that Gallo Winery's "Turning Leaf" wine infringed on the trade dress of Kendall-Jackson's "Vintner's Reserve" wine (Kendall-Jackson Winery Ltd. v. E. & J. Gallo Winery, Northern District Federal Court).

Employees claim fraud
Award: $101,070,341

The attorney for 96 of the 101 plaintiff employees of General Dynamics Corporation believes this is the largest punitive damage verdict ever in the County of San Diego (Argo v. General Dynamics Corp., San Diego County Superior Court).

Duty to defend breached
Award: $2,119,416

Crop growers claimed CalFarm Insurance failed to defend against third party claims resulting from a weevil infestation in beans stored in their Stanislaus county warehouse (McCauley v. CalFarm Insurance Co., Stanislaus County Superior Court).

Hostile workplace alleged
Award: $382,500

A physician experienced sex discrimination and harassment during her tenure with the San Francisco Fire Department (Braun v. City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Michael Bolton song a copy
Award: $5,448,447

Three Boys Music claimed that significant parts of "Love is a Wonderful Thing" were taken from the 1966 song of the same name (Three Boys Music Corp. v. Bolton, Central District Federal Court).

Shredder severs fingers
Award: $645,000

This is the first known plaintiff's verdict against Troy-Bilt from an injury on this model Toma-hawk chipper/shredder machine (Schwartz v. Garden Way Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Lightning kills backpacker
Award: Defense

A 12-year-old's parents claimed that Navajo Trails counselors were improperly trained in lightning safety in the Utah wilderness (Kushlan v. Navajo Trails, San Mateo County Superior Court).

Bicyclist loses leg
Award: $2,996,401

A 60-year-old bicyclist lost control of her bike and swerved into the path of an MTA bus, resulting in the loss of her leg (Lagerborg v. Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Evidence destroyed
Award: $3,100,000

Plaintiffs claimed spoliation of crucial evidence after U-Pick-U-Save destroyed the truck that was involved in the accident in which their parents were killed (Forrest v. Martinez, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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