Construction worker falls into open hole
Award: $2,597,218

A general foreman fell into an unbarricaded hole and fractured his heel, preventing him from continuing work as an ironworker (Butterfield v. Birtcher Construction, Orange County Superior Court).

Footling breech delivery causes triplegia
Award: $7,043,000

Due to the negligence of medical personnel, plaintiff sustained trauma to her spinal cord during delivery which caused spastic triplegia (Panduro v. Santa Marta Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Osteopath fails to diagnose rectal cancer
Award: $1,983,848

Defendant osteopath’s failure to diagnose rectal cancer in plaintiff security guard resulted in a shortened life expectancy (Clawson v. Walls, Lassen County Superior Court).

Accountant fired for reporting tax violations
Award: $4,535,148

An accountant/controller who reported that defendants were engaging in tax evasion was terminated in retaliation for refusing to violate tax laws (Songco v. Century Quality Management Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Failure to trim trees near power lines causes fire
Award: $2,200,000

Southern California Edison’s failure to maintain its power lines caused a fire to destroy over 25,000 acres, causing personal injuries and property damage (Ross v. Southern California Edison Co., Riverside County Superior Court).

Firm co-founder ousted
Award: $1,430,000

The co-founder of “Urban Decay” cosmetics was eliminated from the company despite an oral contract to share the profits and assets of the company (Holmes v. Lerner, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Twins born after wife underwent sterilization
Award: $157,000

A couple claimed the wrongful birth of twin boys after an obstetrician/gynecologist performed a sterilization procedure on plaintiff wife (Doe v. Roe, Placer County Superior Court).

Patient dies after rejecting kidneys
Award: $833,581

Decedent’s family claimed that the use of a three-year-old donor’s kidneys for transplant was below the standard of care and caused the recipient’s death (Chao v. Tertzakian, Los Angeles Superior Court).

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