Tree trimmer dies in fall
Award: $1,185,000

A foreman was killed when the 50-foot aerial lift he was using to trim trees collapsed (Matheney v. Johanson & Thomas, Tulare County Superior Court).

Tenant attacked in stairwell
Award: $1,046,500

An airline worker was attacked in the stairway of her apartment building, where the lights were burned out (Lott v. Fox Hills Canterbury Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Age discrimination claimed
Award: Defense

A 49-year-old worker was justifiably replaced due to her lack of technical skills and unwillingness to train on new computer systems (Davis v. Yamas Control Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Disability discrimination
Award: $543,817

A mortgage company manager was constructively terminated in violation of public policy after several surgeries (Vitrano v. Advanta Mortgage Corp. USA, San Diego County Superior Court).

Widow claims slander
Award: $1,320,000

The wife of decedent claimed slander by her stepson; he claimed invasion of privacy by illegal taping of phone calls (Flanagan v. Flanagan, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Intersection broadside
Award: $1,328,699

A mother and daughter sustained head/back injuries when defendant driver failed to stop at a four-way stop (Smith v. Dickerson, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Storage unit theft
Award: $590,000

A photographer's personal property was seized from leased storage units while he was in Vietnam (Jacobson v. Personal & Business Storage Ltd., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurer denies benefits
Award: $513,975

An insurance company refused to pay benefits for a homeowner's fire loss, claiming possible arson (Hutson v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Prescription misread
Award: $705,000

A patient sustained frontal lobe syndrome after his doctor failed to catch a pharmacy's erroneous dosage instructions on Dilantin (Rodriguez v. American Drug Stores, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Engineer sexually harassed
Award: $850,000

A female stationary engineer at Kaiser was subjected to sexual discrimination and harassment during her 17-year employment (Cummings v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, San Mateo County Superior Court).

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