Bar exam results available on web

The names of the 1,558 successful candidates for the February bar examination are available on the State Bar's web site, www.calbar.org. (Editorial note: Online viewers check the Bar Admissions page for current information.)

The bar's Committee of Bar Examiners reported last month that 40 percent of those who took the test passed, a decline from the 48.8 percent that were successful on the February 1997 bar exam.

Preliminary information shows that the pass rate for first-time applicants was 61.1 percent of the 758 applicants who attended ABA-approved law schools, 40.4 percent of 275 applicants from schools accredited by the committee, and 3.6 percent of 28 applicants who studied law at unaccredited law schools.

For repeating applicants, the pass rates were 38.5 percent from ABA-approved schools, 22.5 percent from bar-accredited schools and 10.4 percent from unaccredited schools.

Of the 287 lawyers who took the attorneys' exam, 54 percent passed.

Swearing-in ceremonies are taking place throughout the state during the first two weeks of June.