Surgeon cuts nerve
Award: $496,000

A surgeon cut a woman's recurrent laryngeal nerve resulting in a paralyzed vocal cord with loss of career as a management trainer (Juarez v. Smith, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Family Rights Act violated
Award: $745,000

A shop foreman was terminated after requesting unpaid medical leave to undergo surgery (Kopp v. Elk Grove Ford, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Attorney malpractice
Award: $920,849

The attorney defending an insured failed to send a vital medical report to the insurance carrier (California State Automobile Association Corp. v. Parichan, Renberg, Crossman & Harvey, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Disorder reactivated
Award: $469,059

In this case of admitted liability, an accident reactivated a woman's previously dormant connective tissue disorder (Strong v. Villalobos, Alameda County Superior Court).

Malicious prosecution
Award: $569,235

A couple claimed no probable cause for filing of an underlying lawsuit over Discovery Bay property (Lillard v. Discovery Bay Marina Properties, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Helicopter crashes
Award: $2,741,000

A defective rotor hub assembly caused the crash and the pilot's incomplete paraplegia at T12 (Chappell v. McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co., San Diego County Superior Court).

LAPD employee arrested
Award: $1,957,120

A civilian LAPD employee sustained severe post-traumatic stress disorder after she was arrested on her way to work (Jones v. City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Firefighter injured on duty
Award: $1,510,000

An on-duty firefighter tore two knee ligaments when a rolling gate at the station fell as he was operating it (Valdivia v. MCE Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Condo upkeep breached
Award: $495,000

The board of directors investigated but failed to fix moisture/mold problems in a condo owner's unit (Moller v. The Atherton Homeowners Association, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Septic shock kills woman
Award: $382,300

A general surgeon responded after four hours to a call concerning an ER patient's severe abdominal pain (Bonsall v. J.F.K. Memorial Hospital, Riverside County Superior Court).

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