Private eyes, new software, billings

Private eyes save time and dollars

Quest Attorney Investigations, Inc. offers full-service investigations that range from asset searches and skip traces to child recoveries. According to Quest, lawyers spend too much time and money attempting to win judgments from defendants without adequate assets. In many cases, a search by an investigator would reveal the defendant's financial position beforehand. The company points out that an attorney who fails to perform an asset search may be committing malpractice, and in the case of punitive damages, the burden is on the plaintiff to determine the defendant's ability to pay.

Because Internet databases are often unreliable and due diligence is frequently based on this type of search, the company recommends using its trained professional licensed investigators to perform asset searches.

For more information on Quest's services, call the company at 1-800/542-2200.

Authority Patent Law by Matthew Bender

Matthew Bender & Company Inc. has released Authority Patent Law Interactive Drafting System (IDS), a user-friendly document assembly program containing more than 380 forms used for filing patent applications and documents with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Patent IDS automates and integrates PTO-issued forms with the PTO-accepted forms. Utilizing the HotDocs software platform, Patent IDS enables faster document drafting by reducing time spent cutting, pasting, retyping and proofreading. Duplicate data entry is eliminated.

Patent IDS also includes references to primary source and related forms, including authoritative notes, warnings, analysis and commentary from patent expert, Dr. Lester Horwitz whose background covers more than 35 years in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications worldwide.

Other features allow for current PTO and Patent Cooperation Treaty fees to appear automatically on the forms and a fee calculator which tallies the total fee to be submitted. Search options allow the user to locate forms in three ways: from a table of contents; with a "find form" function; and by a "related forms" function which links each form to others on the same topic or purpose.

For additional information, call Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. at 1-800/223-1940 or check out the company Web site at www.bender.com.

West Group launches westlaw.com

If you have a web browser and a Westlaw password, you can now access the full content of Westlaw (www.westlaw.com), West Group's legal research service. Until recently, Westlaw customers had to use the traditional WESTMATE software to access this large online source for legal and business information.

With its intuitive and well-designed interface, westlaw.com allows legal and business professionals to easily research the more than 10,000 databases available on Westlaw. The service includes content and context frames which display search results; book style printing, including dual-column format; natural language searching; and customized database query templates.

Customers can access westlaw.com using the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, Net-scape Navigator 3.01 or higher, or America Online.

TransMedia adds two new media games

TransMedia has added two new games, Civil Objection! SlipFall and Expert Witness!, to their Objection! game series. Both games are designed to sharpen speed and accuracy in recognizing objectionable questions.

Civil Objection! SlipFall is an entire trial from start to finish with direct and cross-examination of several witnesses, including medical and technical experts and lay witnesses. Patsy Plunge, the star of the game, can't seem to go outside without slipping, falling, bumping or bruising. It is the player's job to represent Patsy and get her the highest verdict possible by quickly recognizing objectionable questions as well as the basis for each objection.

Expert Witness! uses a trial format to focus on enhancing a player's evidence skills in areas specific to expert testimony. Players can review model testimonies before the game to familiarize themselves with proper foundations and qualifications without being penalized.

Civil Objection! SlipFall and Expert Witness! each sell for $99 and qualify for CLE credit in 17 states.

For more information, visit www.objection.com or call 1-800/832-4980, ext. 1610.

Juno releases Billing Software for Attorneys

Juno Corp. has released a new version of Billing Software for Attorneys. BSA98 Pro offers many new features while retaining the same user-friendly ease found in BSA98.

Developed by attorneys for attorneys, BSA98 Pro includes such features as consolidated bills, consolidated bill formats, client notes, case/file number sort, on-hold, zero balance hold, more address and phone lines, more custom bill formatting, and export client information.

In addition, BSA98 and BSA98 Pro are ready for the year 2000 and include times, spell checking, reports, unlimited clients, shortcuts, built-in trust accounting and interest. Technical support is free and network versions are also available.

The programs run on Windows 3.X, Windows 95, and Windows NT. BSA98 sells for $299.95 and BSA98 Pro for $399.95.

For further information or a free working demo of BSA98 Pro, call 1-800/684-3002.

New KeyCite enhancements

KeyCite has a new look and enhanced functionality, including increased search speed and the ability for researchers to access KeyCite directly with their traditional WESTLAW password. Researchers who are not WESTLAW subscribers may conduct research using their credit card.

KeyCite, a new online citation research service from West Group, combines a full citator and case finder in one easy-to-use interface. It enables users to determine whether the cases they are relying on are valid and to find additional cases and analytical materials, including American Law Reports and law review articles to help support their legal arguments.

For more information, call 1-800/328-8529 or check out www.keycite.com.

1997 U.S. Federal Register on CD-ROM

SOLUTIONS Software Corp. has released the complete 1997 Federal Register (Volume 62) on single CD-ROM. The disk, which sells for $88, includes all 68,530 pages of graphics, text and tables as published by the U.S. Government Printing Office; the administration's 12-month Regulatory Plan and Unified Agenda; and Adobe Acrobat 3.01 search software for all Windows and Macintosh systems.

Inquiries may be directed to SOLUTIONS Software Corp. via e-mail at: solution@env-sol.com, or by fax: 1-407/321-3098, or by checking out the company web site: www.env-sol.com.