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Cervical facet joint injury
Award: $2,025,000

A driver claimed that her cervical facet syndrome was activated by her husband's solo vehicle rollover accident, but caused by a rear-end collision two years earlier (Quatarro v. Tam, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Disability insurance
Award: $6,920,849

A chiropractor sued her insurance company for bad faith denial of disability benefits (Hangarter v. The Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., Northern District Federal Court).

Hand amputated
Award: $325,000

A machinist blamed the design of the woodworking tool he was using for the amputation of more than 95 percent of his right, dominant hand (Moncada-Ramos v. Wisconsin Automated Machinery Corp., Central District Federal Court).

SUV was a lemon
Award: $42,443

The lessor of a Mercedes-Benz ML 320 SUV sued for relief under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Martin-Smith v. Mercedes-Benz of North America, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Breast enlargement dispute
Award: Defense

A woman sued her plastic surgeon because her breast reduction surgery actually resulted in larger breasts (Garcia v. Mitts, Kern County Superior Court).

Car backs into retiree
Award: $70,000

A driver backed his vehicle into a retiree, who may have been jaywalking, causing two broken ribs and soft tissue injuries to his shoulder and back (Feldman v. Efron, San Mateo County Superior Court).

Nail punctures toe
Award: $320,041

A subcontractor's employee sued the general contractor after suffering osteomyelitis caused by stepping on a nail protruding from a piece of wood at a job site (Herrera v. Morely Construction, Los Angeles Superior Court).

Trade secret dispute
Award: Defense

An Internet access corporation accused competitors of misappropriating its trade secrets (Digital Link Corp. v. Tiara Networks Inc., Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Umpire hurts finger
Award: $907,986

A major league baseball umpire suffered permanent nerve injury to his pinkie finger plus aggravation of a pre-existing back problem when his car was rear-ended before a Dodger game (Layne v. Tsai, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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