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Brain damage
Award: $43,500,000

A four-month-old infant, who was initially hospitalized for a respiratory infection, was left in a persistent vegetative state by the admitted negligence of his health-care providers. (Brown v. Community Hospital of San Bernardino, San Bernardino County Superior Court ).

Snowboarder paralyzed
Award: $4,440,000

An employee of a ski resort alleged negligent design and construction of a ski jump after flipping upside down and landing short of a down-sloped landing area at a post-season party for employees. (Vine v. Bear Valley Ski Company, San Francisco County Superior Court ).

Retiree killed
Award: $1,100,000

The surviving wife and children of a bicyclist who was struck and killed while riding brought a wrongful death action against the driver of the vehicle. (Torres v. The Fresh Fish House, San Mateo County Superior Court ).

Crushed pelvis
Award: $567,671

A 31-year-old man suffered a crushed pelvis and a ruptured transected urethra when he was crushed between a moving light rail vehicle and a handicap ramp. (Bertram v. City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Plant v. man
Award: Defense

A tenant of an apartment building claimed that he sustained a corneal abrasion and a host of other injuries when he walked into a bird of paradise plant adjacent to a walkway. (Nadler v. Sinkys, Los Angeles County Superior Court ).

False promises
Award: $12,000,000

Two insureds brought suit against their insurance company for false promises regarding coverage and the resulting emotional distress they endured. (Harris v. Cal-Farm Ins. Co., San Joaquin County Superior Court ).

Retiree burned
Award: $207,205

A man was severely burned on his ankle and calf when his portable oxygen unit burst into flames. (Doody v. Castle Rock Healthcare Services Inc., San Diego County Superior Court ).

Underground contamination
Award: $255,933

A purchaser of land suspended payment when he discovered underground contamination on the property. (Danelen v. Puentes Brothers Inc., Northern District Federal Court ).

Gender discrimination
Award: $3,200,000

Two female police officers alleged sexual discrimination and retaliation against the department for which they worked. (Hause & Smith v. City of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County Superior Court).

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