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Award: $4,950,000

A man claimed he was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of excessive force by border patrol agents. (Andres v. United States, Southern District Federal Court) .

Gender harassment
Award: Defense

A professor at a state university claimed that a hostile work environment based on her gender forced her to resign her tenure-track position. (Shetler v. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court ).

Valets attack patron
Award: $1,011,321

A restaurant patron claimed he was assaulted by valet security personnel causing a skull fracture and other head injuries. (Schotz v. Miyagi's Restaurant, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Excavator dies
Award: Excavator dies

A 42-year-old heavy equipment operator died when he was ejected from an excavator while working on a State Parks project. (Powers v. State of California, Humboldt County Superior Court ).

Salesman defamed
Award: $1,027,500

A salesman working on commission accused his company of slandering his reputation, thus alienating his client base, and endangering his earning ability. (Karasiuk v. ESC Medical Systems Inc., Ventura County Superior Court).

Rollerblader bitten
Award: $19,826

A rollerblader was bitten by two German shepherds on the legs, buttock and arm as she skated past their yard. (Howzdy v. Shaer, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Mold exposure
Award: $2,721,373

A family alleged serious and permanent damage to their health as a result of exposure to toxic molds in their apartment. (Mazza v. Schurtz, Sacramento County Superior Court ).

Lost parental rights
Award: : $50,000

A main claimed that the negligence of a fertility clinic caused him to lose all parental rights to the child his partner bore through artificial insemination. (Dunkin v. Pacific Fertility Medical Clinic, San Francisco County Superior Court ).

Lumbar fusion
Award: $253,536

A driver sitting at a stoplight was seriously injured when he was rear-ended at 6-9 mph and pushed into the vehicle ahead of him. (Behan v. Massey, Orange County Superior Court ).

Lost ovary
Award: $150,000

A woman sought compensation for the negligence of her health care providers in failing to timely diagnose, monitor, and remove a dermoid ovarian cyst. (Baker v. Siddiqui, Ventura County Superior Court ).

Elderly man dies
Award: $1,230,000

The heirs of an elderly man brought a wrongful death action following his fatal slip and fall from a passenger train. (Sopp v., National Railroad Corp., Northern District Federal Court).

Urinary/sexual dysfunction
Award: $1,000,000

A patient claimed that the spinal surgery he underwent left him with permanent urinary and sexual dysfunction due to the negligence of the surgeon. (Jackson v. Engel, Yuba County Superior Court ).

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