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Boy dies at school
Award: $517,000

An 11-year-old boy, who attempted to intervene when another student assaulted his half-brothers, was struck in the chest, collapsed and died. (Jackson v. San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Bike hits truck
Award: $306,425

A former bicycle champion was granted a new trial on the grounds of accident or surprise due to defendants introducing a previously undisclosed surveillance video on the penultimate day of trial. (Lachaga v. United Parcel Service Inc., Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Women strip searched
Award: $300,000

A mother and an adult daughter filed suit against the County of Madera, alleging violation of their constitutional rights arising from a strip search. (Doe v. County of Madera, Eastern District Federal Court).

Attorney fee dispute
Award: $1,300,000

An attorney sued another attorney for unpaid fees under an alleged oral contract to share fees on contingency fee cases and class actions that had produced recoveries. (Stock v. Hafif, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Slip on a banana
Award: Defense

A shopper slipped and fell on a banana dropped by a small child in a supermarket. (Naman v. Vons Corp., Orange County Superior Court).

Plastic surgery malpractice
Award: $150,000

A patient claimed that her surgeon breached the standard of care and committed battery on her. (Riisna v. Brennan, Orange County Superior Court).

RSD from elbow fracture
Award: $1,100,000

Atenant slipped on a wet, soapy floor in her building's laundry room, breaking her elbow and developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy. (Garces v. Bernard, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Mild brain injury
Award: $1,470,000

A driver was broadsided by a Caltrans truck that ran a red light, causing serious injuries, including mild traumatic brain injury from lateral whiplash and head/neck rotation. (Meyer v. State of California, San Mateo County Superior Court).

Porn exposure harassment
Award: $80,000

An employee claimed that she was sexually harassed in the workplace through exposure to pornography. (Hodgson v. PCW Contracting Services, Orange County Superior Court).

Rib fractures
Award: $247,000

Atenant in an apartment building tripped on torn carpeting and fell down a flight of stairs. (Kotb v. Bashara, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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