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Palimony denied
Award: Defense

A television announcer sued a retired businessman for palimony, but could not prove cohabitation. (Taiedy v. Nahai, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Life insurance bad faith
Award: $101,000

A widow claimed defendant refused in bad faith to pay a $1,000 accidental death insurance policy that the decedent obtained through his credit union. (Shafer v. CUNA Mutual Group, Alameda County Superior Court).

Invasion of privacy
Award: Defense

A police officer accused his dentist of revealing confidential information (a request for Vicodin) to his employer. (Shaddox v. Bertami, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Construction zone collision
Award: $11,485,895

A young man was rendered a quadriplegic after a collision with an excavator parked next to a construction zone. (Saul v. Yorba Linda Water District, Orange County Superior Court).

Bladder cancer from fumes
Award: $5,110,000

A former merchant seaman sued an Exxon-Mobil subsidiary under the Jones Act for bladder cancer resulting from toxic fumes emitted by crude oil. (Gregory v. SeaRiver Maritime Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Negligence during labor
Award: $59,317,500

An infant who was born with cerebral palsy obtained a verdict against the defendant hospital, but not the defendant obstetrician, for medical negligence during the labor and delivery. (Greenwell v. Kaplan, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Disability discrimination
Award: $625,000

An employee alleged job discrimination based on her disability, cerebral palsy. (Lowery v. YMCA Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Falling plywood
Award: $1,450,000

A large piece of plywood fell and struck a nightclub patron in the Achilles region of her left leg resulting in reflex sympathetic dystrophy. (Patton v. Harborland Ven-tures Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Botched abortion
Award: $3,000,000

A college student suffered severe brain damage due to alleged excessive use of anesthetic during a therapeutic abortion. (Confidential v. Confidential, unfiled settlement).

Electrical explosion
Award: $3,600,000

A store planner suffered second and third degree burns to approximately one third of his body when there was an electrical explosion at his store's construction site. (Confidential v. Confidential, confidential venue ).

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