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Pit bull attack
Award: $41,128

Two minors were attacked and bitten by a pit bull that escaped from its home (Jay v. Bechard, Riverside County Superior Court).

Teen-age passenger killed
Award: $2,417,701

A 15-year-old passenger was killed when her vehicle ran into the rear of defendants' tractor-trailer that had slowed for a dead dog in the road, disregarding a CHP officer's frantic signals to maintain the flow of traffic (Bush v. TLN Inc., Madera County Superior Court).

Housing discrimination
Award: $500,000

A family claimed that a landlord discriminated against them based on race (Mitchell v. Soleyman, Central District Federal Court).

Dodge Dakota lemon
Award: $32,550

Purchasers of a new 2001 Dodge Dakota pickup truck that had a persistent stalling problem claimed that DaimlerChrysler violated its obligations under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Steward v. DaimlerChrysler Corp., San Diego County Superior Court).

Lesbian harassed
Award: $535,000

A Wal-Mart supervisor alleged that her male supervisor hounded her with questions about her sexual orientation and then harassed her more upon her acknowledgment of being a lesbian (Johnston v. Wal-Mart, Southern District Federal Court).

Helicopter crash retrial
Award: $11,009,000

Plaintiffs, who were victims of a helicopter crash at a City of Livermore air show, were successful on this retrial on the issue of liability for defendants on whom the original jury deadlocked (Dixon v. Enstrom Helicopter Corp., Alameda County Superior Court).

Child behind the wheel
Award: $2,150,000

A 9-year-old girl sustained brain damage when she was struck by a pickup truck being driven by a 10-year-old girl (Moore v. Schott, Tulare County Superior Court).

Attorney fee dispute
Award: $1,575,880

An attorney sued two real estate brokers and a brokerage company for failing to pay him in connection with the collection of real estate commissions earned (Ditty v. Borst, San Diego County Superior Court).

Conspiracy proved
Award: $17,800,000

An advertising executive claimed that a financial institution, an automobile dealer and an attorney caused him financial losses due to an elaborate conspiracy to shield assets from plaintiff's underlying $1 million fraud judgment against the dealer (Riddell v. Rademacher, Orange County Superior Court).

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