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Spousal mesothelioma
Award: $11,550,750

The former wife of a pipefitter who worked around asbestos contracted malignant mesothelioma as a result of inhaling asbestos dust while laundering her husband’s work clothing (Gunderson v. A.W. Chesterton Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Landlord liability
Award: $175,000

A jewelry store owner claimed a commercial landlord failed to provide adequate security, resulting in multiple robberies (Roberts-Malone v. Sherman Oaks Fashion Associates, Los Angeles County Superior Court ).

Environmental clean-up
Award: Defense

A gas station owner sued three companies for negligent environmental clean-up efforts (Nguyen v. All Environmental Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

RATT TM suit
Award: $554,486

A loan out corporation and RATT band members cross-complained against the former lead singer for trademark infringement and unfair competition (Pearcy v. WBS Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Heel ulcers from hip surgery
Award: $140,000

A patient claimed a hospital was negligent in providing post-operative hip replacement care causing two grade four decubitus heel ulcers (Henderson v. Doe Hospital, Ventura County Superior Court).

Bank sues bank
Award: $9,000,000

A bank sued another bank for fraudulently inducing it to lend money to an international wholesale trading company based on valueless accounts receivables (Far East National Bank v. United Commercial Bank, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Post-mortem publicity
Award: $50,000

The widow of an Apollo astronaut sued a pen company for using her husband’s likeness for advertising purposes without her permission (Irwin v. The Fisher Pen Co. of Nevada, San Diego County Superior Court).

Wrongful termination
Award: $2,999,964

An employee alleged that his employer terminated him without cause in order to avoid paying him a performance bonus (Linza v. The Diamond Center Inc., Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Race discrimination
Award: $792,500

Three college instructors sued a community college for employment discrimination based on race (Rolfe v. Los Angeles Commu-nity College District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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