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Patient blinded
Award: $750,000

A patient claimed that failure to diagnose toxoplasmosis in her remaining viable eye rendered her legally blind (Doe v. Roe, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Window washer killed
Award: $4,042,117

A window washer was killed in a fall from a 10-story highrise building when he stepped on a section of floor that was non-weight-bearing (Kennerly v. JMLB Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Hospital sues doctor
Award: $122,601

A hospital sued a doctor for breach of contract because of his failure to reimburse it for income earned under a physician relocation agreement (Tenet Health- System Hospitals Inc. v. Mooney, Shasta County Superior Court).

Misclassified workers
Award: $18,000,000

Almost 6,000 current and former workers sued for retroactive pay stemming from a UPS policy of paying fixed monthly salaries to part-time managers no matter how many hours they actually worked (Archie v. United Parcel Service Inc., San Diego County Superior Court).

County fair accident
Award: Defense

A mentally and physically im-paired patron, who fell as she was exiting a log ride, claimed that the exit stairs were not compliant with Title 8's handrail requirements (Rivera v. Ray Cammack Shows Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

MDs sue carrier
Award: $190,585,340

A group of doctors brought a class action suit against their malpractice insurance carrier for fraud (Reiss v. Norcal Mutual Insurance Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Dental malpractice
Award: $400,000

A patient alleged that his dentist extracted two front teeth in a negligent manner and without informed consent (Singelyn v. Berger, San Diego County Superior Court).

SEAL trainee injured
Award: $946,000

A Navy SEAL trainee was discharged from the Navy after he sustained serious injuries, including back, neck, shoulder and head injuries as a result of defendant running a stop sign. (Woodard v. Becton Dickinson & Co., San Diego County Superior Court).

LAPD discrimination
Award: $1,250,000

A seasoned Latina police officer alleged that she was harassed and discriminated against for 15 years and was retaliated against when she complained about a newly promoted lieutenant's offensive comments. (Tostado v. City of Los Angeles, Central District Federal Court).

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