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Twins mix-up
Award: $955,386

Hospital personnel participating in the delivery of twins alleg-edly became confused as to which baby was in distress and mistakenly expedited delivery of the healthy one, but delayed delivery of the distressed baby, causing permanent brain damage (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Unclean hands
Award: Defense

A quality assurance manager at a psychiatric hospital alleged that she was terminated in retaliation for raising patient care issues, but the court found that she had unclean hands (Greenberg v. ALTA Healthcare System LLC, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Facial scarring
Award: $950,000

A motorist suffered multiple head, face and spinal injuries, including facial scarring and nerve damage, as a result of a collision with another vehicle that allegedly drove directly into her path (Serrano v. Mizelle, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Bike hits pickup
Award: Defense

A teenage bicyclist alleged that she collided with the rear of a pickup truck because it came to a sudden stop (Jandova v. Schaver, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Positional vertigo
Award: $45,168

A motorist suffered soft tissue injuries plus vertigo when a chain reaction collision caused her vehicle to roll over several times (Juchau v. Lawson, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Femoral artery severed
Award: $350,000

A contractor was injured on the job by a saw that kicked back and severed his femoral artery (Gentry v. Space Age Construction, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Non-disclosure of defects
Award: $43,545

Purchasers of an apartment building sued the sellers for non-disclosure of defects and code violations (O'Reilly v. Hansen, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Bad road causes accident
Award: $2,500,000

A motorist claimed that a dangerous condition of a public roadway was the cause of the sole vehicle accident that left her paralyzed (Guzman v. County of Madera, Madera County Superior Court).

Gold prospector sues
Award: $950,000

A gold prospector sued his attorney for negligent advice regarding an agreement he was considering signing with a mining company (Van Ert v. Harris, Inyo County Superior Court).

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