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Another black eye

The scandal around Damian Trevor, Allan C. Hendrickson and Shane C. Han has embarrassed all of us, and brought shame once again to the California attorney community. I anticipate more lawyer jokes at dinner parties, and less general trust and good will by the public. While the rest of us attorneys are meeting the ethical analysis on each case before filing, as is required by our Rules of Professional Conduct, I suppose our State Bar will always have the job of removing the bad apples who use their attorney licenses unprofessionally.

From the facts reported, it appears that The Trevor Law Group utilized mass filings with strong arm settlement tactics against defendants with limited recourse, and are hardly "scapegoats" for a poorly written law, as one attorney has offered. Whether the law needs revision should be addressed by the legislators, but certainly as lawyers, none should exploit a technical loophole for a monetary scheme.

I have personally refused two such schemes by non-lawyers, and I would expect other lawyers to do the same, and not to be blinded by the "$" in their eyes.

Tamara M. Leslie

Legal terrorists

I am attorney for one of the 2,000 or so automobile repair shops sued by Trevor Law Group, pursuant to B&P §17200.

Trevor Law Group, a corporation specifically formed only to pursue these lawsuits, has been the equivalent of the 9/11 terrorists, but has been acting as a legal terrorist, filing suits against hundreds of hardworking and honest shopkeepers and then scaring them into settlements to dismiss the suits against them.

They are only interested in the money they can make through their activities.

John Sinasohn

Look at Canon 2C

I was surprised to read one of your readers stating in the letters to the editor that judges should no more belong to the Boy Scouts than to the Ku Klux Klan.

The primary purpose of an organization such as the KKK is to repress another group. No one joins the Boy Scouts to repress gays, but to serve youth. The activities of scouting, including the outdoors and community service, do not involve instruction in or even mention of the policies regarding gays formulated by the national executives in Texas.

One also thinks of adults who volunteer for youth sports, most of which segregate by sex, and of women's and minority bar associations. None of these organizations seeks to repress any other group, but all could fall under the "invidious discrimination" category of Canon 2C of the Code of Judicial Ethics (as well as coming under the perniciously vague "appearance of bias" standard trumpeted by some of your other readers).

Perhaps it is time to reexamine the entire language of Canon 2C.

John D. Hourihan

Kudos for Seniors

Tremendous work on Seniors & The Law. You did a great job of focusing on the issues about which seniors should know and summarizing in simple language.

Tony Chicotel
El Cajon

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