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Father and son killed
Award: $4,000,000386

A father and his 12-year-old son were killed and two other children narrowly escaped injury when an out-of-control bus crashed into their parked van (Rivera v. First Transit, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Passenger's chair topples
Award: $135,000

A passenger on a whale-watching cruise exacerbated her pre-existing degenerative disk disease when a swell tipped over the chair in which she was sitting (Ridley v. Hornblower Yachts Inc., San Diego County Superior Court).

Construction defects alleged
Award: Defense

A homeowners association sued the developers and contractors for alleged construction defects in the building (Cathedral Hill Vistas Homeowners Association v. Pon, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Slam dancer strikes patron
Award: $426,838

A patron at a bar alleged he sustained a mild brain injury when he was struck by another customer who was body slamming (Stone v. Trinagria, LLC, Monterey County Superior Court).

Dresses rejected
Award: $240,000

A clothing manufacturer sued a catalog company for wrongful rejection of dresses it had ordered (Jump Apparel Company Inc. v. GFLA Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Delayed jaundice treatment
Award: $84,750,000

The parents of a newborn alleged that the delay in diagnosis and treatment of his jaundice condition resulted in quadriplegia and cerebral palsy (Leyvas v. Washington Township Hospital, Alameda County Superior Court).

Business interference
Award: $2,838,698

A commercial printing company sued a former employee for using the company's resources to start a competing business; the employee and his business prevailed on the cross-complaint for business interference, unfair business practices, slander and unfair competition (George Rice & Sons v. Zamora, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Worker loses eye
Award: $14,456,000

An aerospace manufacturing plant worker lost her eye when 250 booster cups, pyrotechnics used in ejector seats for fighter jets, exploded (Shugart v. OEA Inc., Solano County Superior Court).

Stains ruin furniture
Award: $3,000,000

A furniture manufacturer recovered on a cross-complaint from the manufacturer and distributor of defective stains that ruined much of its inventory (A.G. Layne Inc. v. Accent Furniture Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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