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Skateboard strikes eye
Award: $547,500

A video game designer visiting from Montreal was hit in the eye by a skateboard used in a solicitation performance at a trade show causing a torn iris, photophobia and other vision damage (Couture v. Doe, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

'Scary Movie' dispute
Award: Nonsuit

Two movie producers became involved in a dispute over the terms of a partnership agreement for the production of the motion picture Scary Movie (Zenga v. Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Doctor leaks complaint
Award: $2,720,000

An attorney sued a doctor who obtained and leaked to the press a draft copy of a complaint the attorney was filing against a former associate and competitor of the doctor (Garrigues v. Hurvitz, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Elder abuse
Award: $245,000

A patient at a nursing facility alleged that the care she received was inadequate and resulted in her inability to ambulate without a walker (Wortmann v. Doe Skilled Nursing Facility, Los Angeles County Superior Court ).

Sexual harassment
Award: $120,000

A saleswoman at Levitz Furniture was terminated for complaining about sexual harassment (Sulpizio v. Levitz Furniture Corp., San Mateo County Superior Court).

Birth injury
Award: $4,070,000

A mother alleged that the negligence of medical personnel during her labor and delivery resulted in the birth of a child with cerebral palsy (Confidential v. Confidential, San Joaquin County Superior Court).

Age/gender discrimination
Award: $1,020,861

A longtime employee accused her employer of age and gender discrimination and breach of an implied contract not to demote her (Carter v. CB Richard Ellis, Orange County Superior Court).

DJ's tapes ruined
Award: $64,000

A tenant who worked in the radio industry asked a jury to award $3 million for his library of more than 1,000 tapes of celebrity interviews, plus electronic equipment, that was ruined by a leaky roof (Stevens v. Prentiss Properties Limited, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Stock options claimed
Award: $2,737,000

Former employees of a corporation sued their employer for stock options they alleged were due them (James v. Commonwealth Energy Corp., Orange County Superior Court).

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