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Hearing loss
Award: $1,121,936

A painter suffered permanent hearing loss from noise at a nuclear power plant (Hanlon v. Southern California Edison, San Diego County Superior Court).

Trucker paralyzed
Award: $9,806,586

A trucker was paralyzed when he lost control of his big rig on an overhead train trestle and fell to the freeway below (Oemig v. Southdown Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Plane crash
Award: Defense

A crop-dusting plane crashed on takeoff, allegedly as a result of trailers parked too close to the airstrip (Charter Aviation v. Pacific Valley Aviation, Colusa County Superior Court).

Breach of contract
Award: $4,629,058

A subcontractor vendor for pre-paid calling card machines sued the prime contractor for breach of contract (Tel-Rom Inc. v. Pacific Bell Telephone Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Suicide attempt
Award: $1,500,000

A schizophrenic patient attempted suicide while a resident of an adult care residential facility (Gerchik v. Villa Stanley East, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Patent licensing dispute
Award: $25,750,000

Holders of a patent on a medical device prevailed on a cross-complaint against a licensing company for misappropriation of trade secrets (B. Braun Medical Inc. v. Rogers, Southern District Federal Court).

False job recommendation
Award: $6,800,000

A school district gave a glowing letter of recommendation and positive verbal recommendations for a teacher the district had forced to resign in light of molestation complaints. The teacher allegedly molested more students at his new school (Confidential v. Confidential, Orange County Superior Court).

Brain damage
Award: $2,100,000

A pedestrian suffered traumatic brain injury when hit in a crosswalk by a right-turning driver (Rubio v. Prairie, Orange County Superior Court).

Gasoline leak
Award: Defense

A man died of burns sustained when his car caught fire, allegedly as a result of a gas leak (Rakotomahanina v. Prime West Leasing Corp., Orange County Superior Court).

Birth injury
Award: $3,250,000

An infant was born brain-damaged as a result of a delayed C-section (Confidential v. Confidential, San Diego County Superior Court).

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