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LAP Survey

In an effort to promote its Lawyer Assistance Program, the State Bar is conducting an informal survey of members this month in conjunction with the MCLE self-assessment test.

"We are trying to determine the best way to appeal to the membership and to meet their needs, as well as to convince the people who need the service that it is confidential," said Richard Carlton, LAP deputy director.

The Lawyer Assistance Program is designed to help lawyers with addiction or mental health problems.

The survey is below. Those who wish to submit the survey without the test can send it to: State Bar of California, LAP Survey, 180 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105.

Lawyer Assistance Program Survey

  1. Before you read this article, were you aware of the Lawyer Assistance Program?

    Yes      No

  2. What concerns may you have in seeking help or referring others who may need help for substance abuse problems or mental health issues? (Choose all that apply.)

    Confidentiality of the program

    Effectiveness of the program

    Personalized treatment/services

    Comprehensive services

    Safe from disciplinary action


  3. As a member of the State Bar of California, which of the following most appeals to you? (Choose all that apply.)

    A service designed to help attorneys before disciplinary action and exclusion.

    By helping attorneys before disciplinary action is taken, the bar is saving thousands in fees associated with the disciplinary process.

    An effective program of the State Bar of California that helps those who can't help themselves.

    A program of the State Bar of California that preserves the reputation of the profession.


  4. Are attorneys under higher levels of stress than other professions?

    Yes      No      About the same

  5. If you knew an attorney in need of help for substance abuse problems or mental health issues, would you:

    Do nothing

    Suggest the Lawyer Assistance Program

    Suggest The Other Bar

    Suggest another program or health care facility

    Talk to them


  6. Do you feel there is some personal liability in referring a fellow attorney to a program like the Lawyer Assistance Program?

    Yes (Why?)      No

  7. How important is being involved in the Lawyer Assistance Program prior to disciplinary action?

    Very important

    Somewhat important

    Not important at all

  8. Is the Lawyer Assistance Program an important benefit of the State Bar of California?

    Yes       No (Why not?)

  9. Should judges be more involved in referring attorneys to the Lawyer Assistance Program?

    Yes       No (Why not?)

  10. How would you characterize your law practice?

    Sole practitioner

    Member of a law firm

    A company, non-profit organization or government entity

  11. What is the size of your law firm?

    one attorney

    2 - 10 attorneys

    11 - 50

    51 - 150


  12. How many years have you practiced law?

    1 - 3      4 - 10      11 - 20      21+

  13. What is your gender?

    Male      Female

Please complete and return the survey with the self-assement test.

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