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Candy chokes child
Award: $16,694,033

A 9-year-old girl choked while eating a piece of gelatin candy, resulting in brain damage and death (Enrile v. Sheng Hsiang Jen Foods Company, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Student drowns
Award: $975,000

A student drowned while participating in a school-sponsored field trip, with the water activities allegedly not disclosed to parents and not adequately supervised (Quach v. USC Shen Win Chinese Institute, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

LASIK surgery suit
Award: Defense

A patient who underwent a LASIK procedure from her long-time ophthalmologist alleged the surgery was unsuccessful because her doctor misled her about his experience and qualifications, failed to provide informed consent and performed the procedure negligently (Pelzman v. Smolin, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Insurance bad faith
Award: $31,676,301

A doctor brought a bad faith insurance action against his disability insurer for denial of his claim (Chapman v. UnumProvident Corp., Marin County Superior Court).

An unfunny prank
Award: $302,100

An unfunny prank Award: $302,100 An unsuspecting victim sued Candid Camera for injuries and emotional distress suffered during a prank at an airport security checkpoint (Zelnick v. Candid Camera, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Math error in contract
Award: Equitable award

A contractor attempted to rescind a bid on a school project due to a mathematical error, but was sued for breach of contract by the school district (EMMA Corp. v. Inglewood Unified School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Woman falls into hole
Award: $357,946

A woman suffered a broken arm, knee and foot when she fell into a sunken planter area (Lecuyer v. Sunset Trails Apartments, San Diego County Superior Court).

Trucker's foot amputated
Award: $6,400,000

A truck driver's foot was run over and crushed by a forklift, resulting in multiple fractures, dry gangrene and partial amputation (Eagles v. Albertson's Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Patent deadline missed
Award: $30,000,000

A company sued its attorneys for failure to obtain the foreign rights to its patent on a new invention because the attorneys missed a filing deadline (Kairos Scientific v. Fish & Richardson, San Mateo County Superior Court).

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