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Dog bite
Award: $50,000

A man was bitten on the nose by a neighbor's dog that entered his yard and started a fight with his dog (Everett v. Wyckoff, San Diego County Superior Court).

Bad faith
Award: 625,834

A general contractor and the owner of low-income housing sued 13 insurance carriers for bad faith failure to defend and indemnify in a construction defect lawsuit (Rio Vista Associates v. First Financial Insurance Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Student killed
Award: Defense

A young boy ran away from a group home and was killed attempting to cross a highway (Booth v. Correa, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Worker run over
Award: $2,175,000

An employee unloading furniture was permanently disabled when the truck backed over him (Doe Pedestrian v. Roe Moving Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Fatal horse kick
Award: $300,000

A man was kicked to death by his son's horse (Sanchez v. Sanchez, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Lacerated spleen
Award: Defense

A civilian driver was injured when a police car responding to an emergency collided with his vehicle (Robinson v. Henderson, San Diego County Superior Court).

Sexual harassment
Award: $3,400,000

Three female police officers sued the City of Glendale for sexual harassment (Frieders v. City of Glendale, Los Angeles County Superior Court)

Football fraud
Award: $34,203,135

The Oakland Raiders accused the Oakland Coliseum of misrepresenting ticket sales (Oakland Raiders v. Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Cerebral palsy
Award: $5,038,000

An infant was born with cerebral palsy as a result of the failure to timely intervene when the mother's labor arrested (Nunez v. Newman, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Spooked horse
Award: $988,038

A horse ran wild through a crowd of people at a school reunion adjacent to a horse show (Rayburn v. 17th District Agricultural Association, Sacramento County Superior Court)

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