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Bar brawl
Award: $777,545

A bar patron suffered severe head injuries when he was attacked by another customer, despite the presence of security (Cardoza v. Alto, San Diego County Superior Court).

Cruise ship fall
Award: $265,000

An elderly woman fell down a flight of stairs on a cruise ship when an automatic door unexpectedly closed on her (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Mechanic killed
Award: $800,000

A maintenance mechanic was killed when a punch press splintered, shooting a piece of metal into his chest (Hernandez v. E.G. Heller's Son Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Medical malpractice
Award: Defense

A patient alleged negligent failure to diagnose her mole as melanoma (Anderson v. Lee, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Pit fall
Award: $310,000

A man who fell into an open pit claimed that inadequate lighting contributed to the dangerous condition (Mekelburg v. Ogden Attractions, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Bus runs over foot
Award: $323,000

A LACMTA bus ran over the foot of a pedestrian as he stood on a curb (Perez v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Attorney malpractice
Award: $1,305,910

An attorney missed the filing deadline for a client injured on a ride at Universal Studios (Box v. Heiman, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Customer hit pumping gas
Award: $259,254

A woman pumping gas was struck by another car's side view mirror as it attempted to exit the station (Foote v. Estate of Smidt, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Bicycle fall
Award: Defense

A bicyclist claimed his front tire got caught in a gap in the street, causing him to fall (Scott v. City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Dog attack
Award: $371,525

An elderly woman was attacked in her yard by a neighbor's dog, which had been inadequately restrained by a flea collar (Hill v. Keagan, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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