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Sexual harassment
Award: $1,125,000

A female bus driver was sexually harassed at work over a four-month period (Hamilton v. First Transit, Los Angeles County Superior Court)

Palimony suit
Award: Defense

A woman sued her former boyfriend for breach of an alleged contract to support her (Lorch v. Lorch, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Bypass surgery death
Award: $4,366,357

A wife and mother of two young children died of complications following gastric bypass surgery (Mayes v. Lourie, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Electrical burns
Award: $2,700,000

A high school student sustained severe electrical burns while working as a painter (Mendoza v. Aerospace Dynamics International Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Falling crate
Award: $1,300,000

A visiting sales representative was injured in a grocery store stock room by a falling crate (Olacsi v. Ralph's Grocery Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurer liability
Award: $3,051,006

A fishing operator sued his insurance broker for procuring illegal coverage for his tuna business (Silva v. Sea-Pac Insurance Managers Inc., San Diego County Superior Court).

Teen drowning
Award: $900,000

An 18-year-old student drowned while swimming at a lake despite the presence of a lifeguard (Johnson v. Lake Mission Viejo Association Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Passenger injured
Award: $5,735,000

A company rented a car to an ineligible driver, who subsequently caused an accident in which he was killed and his passenger was seriously injured (Doe v. Black Corp., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Securities fraud
Award: Defense

An investor claimed that he was induced to invest in a company by misrepresentations and omissions (Jallow v. Perlman, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Seatbelt inadequacy
Award: $45,450,000

A young passenger in a Ford Windstar was severely injured in a collision as a result of inadequate protection provided by his lapbelt-only restraint system (Karlsson v. Ford Motor Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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