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Sexual assault
Award: $20,529,774

A man rendered a woman unconscious through the use of GHB and then videotaped himself having sexual relations with her (Doe v. Luster, Ventura County Superior Court).

Faulty auto repair
Award: $1,072,474

A driver was injured when a wheel came off his car shortly after it had been serviced by the dealer (Jones v. University Ford, San Diego County Superior Court).

Wage discrimination
Award: $42,670,559

Los Angeles County police officers alleged that higher wages for sheriffs constituted discriminatory pay disparity (Frank v. County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Deck collapse
Award: $500,000

A woman was injured when the railing on her second-story deck collapsed and she fell to the ground (Oliver v. Wong, Alameda County Superior Court).

Mold exposure
Award: $1,274,150

A mother and her three daughters alleged injuries due to mold exposure in their rented condominium (Johnson v. Kellogg Terrace, Orange County Superior Court).

Fatal surgery
Award: Defense

An 800-pound patient died of complications following several weight-reduction procedures (Myers v. Fobi, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Hunter electrocuted
Award: $12,000,000

A hunter was fatally electrocuted by a downed power line on public hunting grounds (Cavender v. Roe Utility Co., Fresno County Superior Court).

Signal violation
Award: $565,000

A driver and his passenger were injured when they were struck by a vehicle that ran a red light. (Hanson v. Schwartz, Orange County Superior Court).

Workers burned
Award: $8,625,000

Four construction workers suffered severe burns when a boom hit a power line (Valencia v. Tutor Saliba Team, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Trust mismanagement
Award: Defense

The trustee of a charitable trust was sued for mishandling investments (Dubrow v. Mack, Ventura County Superior Court).

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