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Good Samaritan electrocuted
Award: $1,050,000

A man was electrocuted when he attempted to extinguish a fire, started by a downed power line, on a neighbor’s property ( Shine v. PG&E, Sonoma County Superior Court).

Pothole fall
Award: $6,656,881

A woman sustained severe head injuries when she tripped in a pothole in the parking lot of the restaurant she owned (Grassi v. UDO Partners, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurance bad faith
Award: $2,187,500

Homeowners sued for bad faith refusal by their insurance carrier to cover mold-related damages (Rogers v. USAA, San Diego County Superior Court).

Surgical death
Award: $2,415,477

A patient undergoing elective sinus surgery died as a result of physician negligence (Brown v. St. Jude Medical Center, Orange County Superior Court).

Shower door shatters
Award: Defense

Two minors were seriously injured when a non-tempered glass door broke while they were taking a shower (Gutierrez v. Arreola, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Forklift accident
Award: $12,991,432

A deliveryman was left a quadriplegic after a forklift fell on him (Munoz v. Sierra Autocars, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Ob/gyn malpractice
Award: $3,998,800

A pregnant woman died following surgery to remove her dead fetus. (Rodriguez v. Donley-Kimble, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Trademark infringement
Award: $2,839,885

A company filed suit for infringement of its concept for a new type of automobile gauge (Velox Enterprises Inc. v. Jimray Technology Inc., Central District Federal Court).

Student death
Award: $2,076,000

A student who collapsed during a lecture at a community college was allegedly ignored by his professor until it was too late to save him (Kinney v. Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College, San Diego County Superior Court).

Head-on collision
Award: $4,450,000

A family suffered one fatality and three injuries in a head-on collision with a pickup that crossed a center line (Vo v. Outdoor Resorts Motorcoach Resort and Spa Inc., San Diego County Superior Court).

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