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Racial profiling
Award: $33,224,378

A motion for new trial was granted on the grounds of excessive damages in a case of alleged racial profiling and manhandling of a black driver after he was stopped for unwittingly driving a rental car with reported stolen license plates (Gousse v. City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bad faith
Award: $1,500,000

A homeowner alleged insurance bad faith denial of a fire damage claim based on intentional conduct of an insured (Lawson v. CalFarm Insurance, Fresno County Superior Court).

Cross-median collision
Award: $5,673,790

Two motorists were injured when struck by a vehicle that crossed over a median without barriers (Cornette v. State of California, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Age discrimination
Award: $3,096,867

A 28-year employee of Bank of America alleged that her layoff was motivated by age discrimination (Tiegs v. Bank of America, Orange County Superior Court).

Car v. golf cart
Award: $1,245,000

An elderly driver lost control of his car and struck a golf cart carrying two maintenance workers (Reynoso v. Acschliman, San Diego County Superior Court).

Leg amputation
Award: $30,856,317

A ski lift mechanic’s legs were amputated after they became entangled in a chairlift mechanism (Anderson v. Snow Valley Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Sexual harassment
Award: Defense

A teacher’s aide alleged sexual harassment and constructive termination against her supervising teacher (Bratcher v. Poway Unified School District, San Diego County Superior Court).

Boat hits diver
Award: $6,687,192

An ocean freediver was struck and injured by an allegedly negligent and inexperienced speedboat operator (Roberts v. Council, San Diego County Superior Court).

Unpaid benefits
Award: $14,000,000

A class of tour operators filed an action for unpaid overtime and retirement benefits (Scherrer v. Group Voyagers Inc., Northern District Federal Court).

Medication-induced stroke
Award: Defense

A woman claimed that she suffered a stroke as a result of taking an over-the-counter sinus medication containing PPA (O’Neill v. Novartis Consumer Health Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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