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Accidental shooting
Award: $51,833,697

A young boy was rendered quadriplegic following the accidental firing of a defectively designed pistol (Maxfield v. Bryco Arms, Alameda County Superior Court).

Pedestrian struck
Award: $1,650,000

An 8-year-old girl was hit by a car while crossing the street mid-block near a construction zone (Garcia v. City of San Diego, San Diego County Superior Court).

Brain damage
Award: $70,939,050

A child sustained permanent brain damage as a result of failure to diagnose phenylketonuria (PKU) (Cook v. Stanford Health Services, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Employment discrimination
Award: Defense

A 60-year-old gay radiologist at UCSF Medical Center alleged discrimination based on age and sexual orientation (Thonei v. The Regents of the University of California, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Chain-reaction collision
Award: $5,500,000

A sudden stop on I-5 near Los Angeles resulted in a chain-reaction accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer (Frias v. Ralphs Grocery, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Soil contamination
Award: $12,600,000

The purchaser of real property sued after learning of subsurface petroleum contamination (Holdgrafer v. Unocal Corp., San Luis Obispo County Superior Court).

Construction accident
Award: $5,055,000

A construction worker suffered frontal lobe brain damage when his skull was fractured by the load on the forks of a lift truck (Lomeli v. Kalmar Industries AB, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

SUV rollover kills mother
Award: Defense

A young mother was killed in a rollover accident involving a Kia Sportage SUV (Beck v. Kia Motors America Inc., Sonoma County Superior Court).

Child’s fatal fall
Award: $995,000

A child fell to her death from an apartment window that was too close to the floor and lacked safety guards (Bae v. Berendo Group LLC, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Brutal bar beating
Award: $3,600,000

A customer at a bar was brutally beaten without provocation by two patrons who had exhibited aggressive and belligerent behavior for at least two hours before the incident (Manley v. Rainer Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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