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Minivan defect
Award: $1,100,000

The driver of a minivan died from massive head injuries when her seatback broke in a rear-end collision (Estate of Doe v. Doe, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Employment retaliation
Award: $4,300,000

A physician at a county hospital alleged that his civil rights were violated after he spoke out on issues relating to health care (Ulrich v. City and County of San Francisco, Northern District Federal Court).

Brain damage
Award: $5,500,000

A 25-year-old woman allegedly sustained severe brain damage as a result of negligent treatment of her cardiac condition (Confidential v. Confidential, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Toxic exposure
Award: Defense

Workers at an IBM manufacturing facility claimed that they contracted cancer as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals (Hernandez v. IBM, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Child hit by car
Award: $1,471,960

A 7-year-old girl sustained a closed-head injury when she was struck by a car while playing in the street (Borggrebe v. Ellias, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Elder neglect
Award: $727,500

A 77-year-old patient at a rehabilitation center died from septic shock stemming from a Stage IV pressure sore (Hernandez v. Upland Rehabilitation and Care Center, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Negligent entrustment
Award: $760,000

An intoxicated employee of an auto dealership borrowed a car and caused an accident that resulted in his death and severe injuries to his passenger (Davis v. People’s Nissan, Stanislaus County Superior Court).

Gastric bypass fatal
Award: Defense

The family of a patient who died following gastric bypass surgery alleged that the decedent was not an appropriate candidate for the surgery (Bodoh v. Gladen, Fresno County Superior Court).

Escalator fall
Award: $1,900,000

An airline employee alleged complex regional pain syndrome from a slip and fall on a malfunctioning airport escalator (Anderson v. County of Sacramento, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Corpse decomposes
Award: $400,000

A mortician negligently allowed a corpse to severely decompose prior to a scheduled viewing of the body (Gibson v. Moreno Valley Mortuary, Riverside County Superior Court).

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