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Motorcyclist killed
Award: $6,672,263

A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with an SUV that pulled out in front of him from a stop sign (Yslas v. Sacramento Rendering Co., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Microchip project delay
Award: $29,950,000

The inventor of a microchip sued the manufacturer for breach of contract stemming from a delay in completion of the project (ZF Micro Solutions v. National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Construction accident
Award: $650,000

A concrete laborer suffered a torn rotator cuff when a clog in a hose blew loose, causing the hose to strike him in the shoulder (Salamanca v. CF&T Available Concrete Pumping Inc., Alameda County Superior Court).

Bus collision
Award: $2,925,000

A bus passenger was injured in a freeway collision with a semi-tractor-trailer (Sundquist v. Larsen, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Church camp drowning
Award: Defense

An 18-year-old student drowned in a lake while attending a church summer camp (Tran v. City of Lake Elsinore, Riverside County Superior Court).

Head-on collision
Award: $2,780,000

A family of three was injured when their vehicle was struck head-on by a driver attempting to pass on a two-lane road (Miller v. C&S Distributing Inc., Tulare County Superior Court).

Breach of contract
Award: $62,541,846

A corporation recovered for breach of a contract to purchase television networks and trade secrets subscriber lists (Logix Development Corp. v. Emerald Media Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Gastric bypass
Award: Defense

A wife and mother of three died after bowel obstruction repair following gastric bypass surgery (Butler v. Dahiya, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Jones Act
Award: $2,350,000

A seaman injured aboard a container vessel docked in Oakland brought a Jones Act action for negligence and unseaworthiness (Kane v. CSX Lines, Alameda County Superior Court).

Boiler room accident
Award: $2,175,000

A worker sustained traumatic brain injury as a result of an explosion in a boiler’s firebox that blew its metal doors off (Wilson v. Doe Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

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