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SUV rollover
Award: $368,606,004

A 49-year-old driver was rendered a paraplegic in a rollover accident involving her Ford Explorer (Buell-Wilson v. Ford Motor Co., San Diego County Superior Court).

Cumulative injury
Award: $2,778,800

A railroad worker claimed debilitating cumulative injuries as a result of 29 years of unsafe working conditions (Chavez v. Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad Co., Central District Federal Court).

Bus passenger injured
Award: $2,165,327

A passenger on a public bus was injured when her scooter tipped over as a result of being improperly secured (Borja v. Santa Clara County Transportation Authority, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Student deaths
Award: $1,237,600

Two students were killed in front of their school when they were struck by a car that jumped the curb (Curiel v. Centralia Elementary School, Orange County Superior Court).

Medical malpractice
Award: Defense

A 35-year-old patient alleged permanent damage from the failure of his physicians to timely diagnose and treat his cervical disk disease (Wiley v. Cole, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

False arrest
Award: $513,166

A customer at a Wal-Mart store was wrongfully accused of stealing spark plugs and suffered criminal prosecution (Shafer v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Riverside County Superior Court).

Trip and fall
Award: $1,086,603

A grocery shopper tripped and fell over boxes left in an aisle by a store employee (Macias v. Super Taqueria Mexico, Fresno County Superior Court).

Loan agreement breach
Award: $6,724,000

A car wash alleged that a bank breached a construction loan agreement and wrongfully foreclosed on its property (Murrieta Car Wash v. Wells Fargo Bank, Orange County Superior Court).

Gender discrimination
Award: $2,950,000

A physician filed suit under FEHA for gender discrimination in an academic setting based on pay and promotion disparity (Conney v. University of California Regents, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Construction accident
Award: $2,475,000

A worker was injured when a pavement grinder blade shaft fell and crushed his foot (McAfee v. Boart Longyear, San Diego County Superior Court).

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