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Patent infringement
Award: $82,000,000

A corporation recovered from Sony for patent infringement of components of the PlayStation video game systems (Immersion Corp. v. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Northern District Federal Court).

Brain damage
Award: $7,150,000

An infant delivered at 28 weeks gestation sustained severe brain damage following cardiac repair surgery (Christman v. Doe Doctors, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Film rights
Award: $121,630,006

A German film distributor sued for breach of contract with respect to purchase of distribution rights in certain Hollywood pictures (Intertainment Licensing GmbH v. Franchise Pictures, Central District Federal Court).

Dust storm collision
Award: $1,831,490

A college student was fatally injured when her vehicle was struck by a truck in the middle of a dust storm on the roadway (Medina v. Skittone Almond Sheller Inc., Stanislaus County Superior Court).

Golf course injury
Award: $1,185,000

A golfer suffered permanent loss of vision in his left eye when he was struck by a ball hit by another golfer on the course (Carlson v. De Anza Harbor Resort and Golf, San Diego County Superior Court).

Start-up dispute
Award: $14,836,000

A longtime Hollywood writer, director, and actor sued his business partners in a disagreement arising from their involvement in a soy coffee business (Richert v. Marinaro, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Stillborn infant
Award: Defense

An infant was stillborn, allegedly as a result of failure to perform a timely C-section after a diagnosis of placental abruption (Mize v. Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Mendocino County Superior Court).

Unfair competition
Award: $3,367,162

Former employees of a wholesale mortgage business violated nonsolicitation/confidentiality provisions in setting up a competing business (American Mortgage Network Inc. v., San Diego County Superior Court).

Customer slain
Award: $1,999,999

A man was killed by a group of intoxicated minors at a diner, allegedly as a result of his perceived ethnicity (Shadd v. California Diner, Sacramento County Superior Court).

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