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Construction accident
Award: $3,436,781

A helicopter mechanic was injured when solar panels his crew was attempting to move fell onto his foot (Lawrence v. Haase, Tehama County Superior Court).

Motorcyclist broadsided
Award: $2,061,485

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a collision with a van that turned in his path (Foster v. Nelson, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Medical malpractice
Award: Defense

An actor alleged that he suffered a stroke due to inadequate DVT prophylaxis following hip surgery (Garfield v. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Commercial lease dispute
Award: $21,347,519

The defendant/cross-complainant in a commercial lease dispute prevailed on a breach of contract claim (TDY Industries v. San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego County Superior Court).

Robbery shootout
Award: $5,246,387

A family shopping at Costco sustained severe injuries as a result of a shootout between gunmen and security guards during an attempted robbery (Chau v. Sectran Security Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Sexual harassment
Award: Defense

A production assistant alleged that she suffered severe emotional distress as a result of being sexually harassed and then terminated by her employer (Belderrain v. Cyrus Business Furniture, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Valve explodes
Award: $1,406,244

A man sustained severe eye damage when the pressure relief valve on a tank discharged highly pressurized propane into his eye (Watt v. Ferrellgas, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Delayed C-section
Award: $4,250,000

An infant was born with severe cerebral palsy, allegedly as a result of near-total asphyxia and a failure to deliver via emergency C-section (Rodriguez v. Doe Health Plan, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Parked car v. big rig
Award: $690,000

A passenger was injured when her vehicle was rear-ended by a big rig as the car sat parked on the edge of the interstate (Armagost v. Westcoast Bulk Transport Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Botox reaction
Award: Defense

A movie producer’s wife alleged debilitating adverse reactions to Botox injections she received for treatment of migraines (Medavoy v. Klein, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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