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Sexual harassment
Award: $2,328,000

Two Federal Express employees alleged that they endured a long period of sexual harassment by a co-worker despite repeated complaints to management (Hettick v. FedEx Corp., Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Crushed hand
Award: $4,464,235

A worker sustained a partial crush amputation when his hand was caught in a power press machine that lacked the necessary guard (Harris v. Lippert Components Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Pedestrian struck
Award: $2,300,000

A 28-year-old disabled pedestrian sustained severe brain damage when he was struck in a crosswalk with alleged sight limitations (McDonald v. City of Fort Bragg, Mendocino County Superior Court).

Healthcare fraud
Award: $419,000,000

Tenet HealthCare employees allegedly performed unnecessary medical procedures on approximately 750 patients in a Redding hospital (Plaintiffs v. Tenet HealthCare, Shasta County Superior Court).

Chiropractic malpractice
Award: Defense

A patient alleged that negligent treatment of her neck pain by a chiropractor resulted in a herniated disk (Kawabe v. Utsumi, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Highway fatality
Award: $3,350,000

A 41-year-old driver was killed when he collided in the dark and fog with cars blocking the highway as the result of an accident (Cruce v. Massolo Brothers Inc., Monterey County Superior Court).

Falling plywood
Award: $5,399,967

An orthopedic resident attending a convention in San Francisco was injured when he was struck by a 40-pound piece of plywood that fell from a construction project (Howard v. Third and Mission Associates LLC, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Employment discrimination
Award: Defense

An employee alleged that her termination was based upon her medical condition of breast cancer rather than the downsizing claimed by her employer (Satterfield v. Human Resources Contract Services Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Lineman electrocuted
Award: $7,000,000

An SBC lineman sustained severe electrocution injuries as a result of an accident caused by a broken pole installed and owned by PG&E (Velasquez v. PG&E Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

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