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Head-on fatality
Award: $19,422,080

A 52-year-old husband, father and physician was killed in a head-on collision caused by defendant’s unsafe passing maneuver on a two-lane highway (Confidential v. Confidential, Riverside County Superior Court).

Water intrusion
Award: $9,760,000

Homeowners recovered for extensive damage from water intrusion and mold in their subdivision (Romano v. Brookfield Woodside Inc., Sonoma County Superior Court).

Cardiac arrest
Award: Defense

A woman alleged that negligent care and treatment during a minor outpatient surgery resulted in cardiac arrest, massive brain damage, and quadriplegia (McCoy v. La Palma Intercommunity Hospital, Orange County Superior Court).

Slip and fall
Award: $1,500,000

A tenant sustained severe brain injury when she fell while descending a darkened flight of stairs at her apartment building (Di Palma v. Hunt Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Power window death
Award: $1,000,000

A 6-year-old boy was asphyxiated when his neck was compressed in the power window of a Ford pickup truck (Cruz v. Laan, Riverside County Superior Court).

Sign installer electrocuted
Award: $2,395,000

A 36-year-old sign installer sustained severe burn injuries when he came in contact with a live power line (Baez v. Summit Media, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Retaliatory termination
Award: $186,550

An EMT alleged that he was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for making claims of unsafe working conditions (Reagan v. Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Nevada County Superior Court).

Benzene exposure
Award: $2,282,002

A man who worked as an aircraft painter alleged that he contracted leukemia as a result of exposure to benzene (Camizzi v. Akzo Products Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Gastric bypass
Award: Defense

A patient who underwent a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation alleged that an undiagnosed post-surgical leak resulted in serious complications (Bell v. Gladen, Fresno County Superior Court).

Motorcyclist injured
Award: $1,625,000

A motorcyclist was thrown into a guardrail when he swerved to avoid a tractor-trailer on a winding mountain road (Baldau v. Bekins, El Dorado County Superior Court).

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