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Disability bad faith
Award: $1,210,000

A 44-year-old dentist sued her carrier for the denial of her disability claim based on post-surgical hand pain (Valente v. UnumProvident Corp., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Forklift crushes leg
Award: $2,765,000

A truck driver making a delivery to a plant was injured when a forklift ran over his foot and lower leg (Confidential v. Confidential, Fresno County Superior Court).

Employee reference
Award: Defense

A corporation alleged that it was given a glowing recommendation for a prospective employee by her former employer, despite the fact that her former employer was aware she was an embezzler (Rowe Electric Inc. v. Prominent Properties Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Installer electrocuted
Award: $1,180,000

A 23-year-old billboard installer was severely shocked when a metal pole he was using made contact with a live power line (Laube v. Clear Channel Outdoor Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Passengers injured
Award: $2,376,189

Six passengers in a van returning from a religious retreat were injured in a solo vehicle accident when the speeding driver lost control and rolled the vehicle (Parks v. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, Riverside County Superior Court).

Non-exempt employees
Award: Defense

A battalion of Bakersfield firefighters alleged that their duties entitled them to non-exempt status, permitting them to collect overtime pay (Bakersfield Firemen Labor Organization v. City of Bakersfield, Eastern District Federal Court).

Newborn brain damage
Award: $4,350,000

A newborn infant sustained permanent damage as a result of the failure of his physicians to diagnose and treat his urinary tract infection, sepsis, and E.Coli meningitis (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Protester injured
Award: $835,000

A 42-year-old court reporter sustained a “nightstick fracture” to her arm during a peaceful anti-war demonstration in San Francisco (Vaccarezza v. City and County of San Francisco, Northern District Federal Court).

Nail salon infection
Award: Defense

A 41-year-old client of a nail salon claimed that one of her fingers sustained a cut during a visit, became infected, and had to be partially amputated (Lopez v. Tran, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

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