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Disability discrimination
Award: $5,215,200

A member of the Anaheim Police Department alleged that as a consequence of injuries sustained in the line of duty, he received no meaningful assignments that could have led to promotion (Welch v. City of Anaheim, Orange County Superior Court).

Foot severed
Award: $4,754,648

A 29-year-old long distance trucker sustained a crushed and severed foot when a one-ton unsecured pallet fell on him (Clinton v. Los Angeles Machinery Moving Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bus crash
Award: $12,000,000

A speeding bus on a residential street struck a pickup truck backing out of a driveway, leaving the driver a tetraplegic (Melendez v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bad faith
Award: $9,890,187

Homeowners sued their insurance carrier for bad faith failure to provide them with a defense in a personal injury lawsuit brought by a neighbor (Walker v. Farmers Group Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Football injury
Award: $5,300,000

A high school football player alleged his severe brain damage was a result of allowing him to continue to play after sustaining a head injury in a game (Castillo v. San Gabriel Unified School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurance malpractice
Award: Defense

A group of physicians alleged that their business was ruined because their insurance agent failed to obtain the necessary coverage for a workers’ compensation and a wrongful termination suit (Kalan v. State Farm General Insurance Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Gas main explosion
Award: $1,100,000

A 42-year-old heavy equipment operator was severely burned when he struck a subterranean gas main (Deschene v. City of Westminster, Orange County Superior Court).

Wrestling death
Award: $2,011,860

A 27-year-old novice wrestling student was fatally injured during a move that was appropriate only for professionals (Ong v. Pacific Coast Sports, Alameda County Superior Court).

Rollover crash
Award: Defense

Ford Motor Company was found not liable for defective design in an LTD rollover that left a passenger a quadriplegic (Cory v. Ford Motor Co., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

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