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Award: $11,150,000

Two employees who were terminated by Compuware alleged that their former employer published libelous statements about them accusing them of fraud and damaging their reputation (O’Lee v. Compuware Corp., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Trade secrets
Award: $6,800,000

Two former employees of a computer accessory company misappropriated trade secrets for the benefit of their new employer, a competitor of their previous employer (Targus International Inc. v. Mace Group Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Factory worker burned
Award: Defense

A 59-year-old production supervisor at a glass factory sustained severe burns to his hands when they became trapped in a machine (Gorsky v. Emhart Glass Manufacturing Inc., Madera County Superior Court).

Award: $2,079,688

A 32-year-old woman was rear-ended in her stopped vehicle by the driver of a Verizon van who took his eyes off the road to pick up a work order that had fallen to the floor (Ayers v. Verizon California Inc., Ventura County Superior Court).

Prisoner medical care
Award: $200,000

Indifference to his medical condition resulted in the amputation of a prisoner’s only remaining testicle (Crowder v. Solano County, Solano County Superior Court).

Chain installer struck
Award: $17,003,882

A 70-year-old independent chain installer working in a designated area was struck by a vehicle due to a lack of adequate warning signage in the installation zone (Betts v. State of California, El Dorado County Superior Court).

Pepper spray
Award: $6,225,000

A 23-year-old woman brought a product liability suit against the manufacturer of a can of pepper spray that failed to protect her from a vicious dog attack (Alpert v. Security Equipment Corp., Alameda County Superior Court).

Sexual abuse
Award: $1,860,000

Two minor girls were sexually exploited by their school volleyball coach (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Surgical death
Award: Defense

A patient died following prostate surgery, allegedly because he was not properly cleared by his physicians as a surgical candidate (Tso v. Perley, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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